Comic Review

REVIEW: Batman/Superman #21

Batman/Superman #21 delivers a conclusion that is completely satisfying in every way. Ivan Reis certainly has left the best until last with this issue, every page is a masterpiece full of blockbuster artwork captured gloriously via a plethora of splash pages and inventive page layouts. This series will surely be remembered for its creativity and ingenuity and I for one am excited to see what’s next for this incredible creative team.  … Read More REVIEW: Batman/Superman #21

Film Review

FILM REVIEW: The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad is easily one of my favourite comic book movies to date and another win for the DC Movie universe. James Gunn has truly captured lightening in a bottle when he assembled this group of actors and paired them up with his audacious story and villain who very few have heard of. This is testament to James Gunn, who I’m sure is one of only a few who could cultivate such a story and make it a success around a villain as obscure and quirky as this. … Read More FILM REVIEW: The Suicide Squad