REVIEW: World Of Krypton #1

World Of Krypton #1 is an absolute delight to read, especially if you’re not familiar with these characters. I for one cannot wait to see what happens next as the clock ticks down towards Kryptons ultimate demise.

World Of Krypton #1 is here! A doomed planet, desperate scientists, a last hope and a kindly couple, this is what came before.

The fabled tale of Superman is as old as time and familiar to one and all. The tale of Krypton itself is another matter entirely. Its name, instantly recognisable. Its fate, even more so but for some thats where the story ends. This is the World of Krypton for a new generation.

The main cover created by Mico Suayan and Annette Kwok captures what appears to be Krypton’s final moments as Lara and Jor-El gaze out into the void. I for one was rather suprised to see this monumental event chronicalled on the inaugural cover. This could have been saved in favour of establishing Krypton’s identity prior to its untimely demise, with that said, the image definitely packs an emotional punch. 

Suayan and Kwok do a wonderful job of capturing Lara and Jor-El’s sorrow whilst maintaining their dignity throughout such a harrowing ordeal. The creative duo’s realistic art style is essential in my opinion when capturing such a pivotal moment in DC lore. This striking cover is capped off by an equally striking font for the logo.

World Of Krypton #1 Review | The Aspiring Kryptonian
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

The second cover created by A. D’amico is extremely clever as it features a baby wrapped in a red blanket sporting blonde hair. I was instantly drawn to this cover as I had no idea who it could be as it didn’t resemble Kal-El in the slightest. This kind of intrigue is an instant plus especially when avid readers like myself are scrambling to find the answers. The bold outline and soft details really make this image pop.

World Of Krypton #1 Review | The Aspiring Kryptonian
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

The third cover created by Francesco Francavilla highlights Kelex high above the gleaming spires of Krypton. The artist appears to be inspired by the Industrial revolution propaganda artstyle of yesteryear. I love this vintage look when married up with futuristic technology. The detail thats gone into Kelex design is staggering. The attention to detail is extreme and of the highest quality.

World Of Krypton #1 Review | The Aspiring Kryptonian
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

World of Krypton #1 is a wonderful read and everything I hoped it would be. The issue opens up with Nira-Ur, the Chair Of Natural Sciences out in the field observing a herd of thought-beasts. This kind of introduction is a perfect way to showcase the World of Krypton including wildlife, terrain and ecosystem. These are all elements of Krypton that are rarely explored so I was pleased to see them featured in this issue.

We soon find out who the baby is on the cover as Krypton’s elite gather for Baby Kara Zor-El’s naming ceremony. This location is where the rest of the issue takes place and the majesty and grandeur of Krypton is very much on display thanks to the decor and attire worn by our characters. Artist Michael Avon Oeming does an incredible job of designing a plethora of costumes for our characters to regale one another in featuring elements such as head wear and capes.

In this opening issue we get to meet a lot of familiar characters as well as some lesser known Kryptonians. This is by far my favourite iteration of Jor-El for quite some time. This version of Jor-El comes across as a very compassionate individual especially when talking with Nira-Ur regarding the plight that has befallen the Thought-Beasts. Writer Robert Venditti expertly begins to plant the seeds for Krypton’s ultimate demise during this exchange.

We then receive yet another great interpretation of a familiar character in the form of Dru-Zod. I simply adore seeing Zod and Jor-El during the peak of their friendship. The respect each man has for the other is a sight to behold. Zod is presented as a true hero and Kryptonian patriot who has earned the respect of his peers time and time again as he recounts the horrors of war he has witnessed first hand. This is the perfect example of the saying ‘you either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain’.

I simply adore the fact that writer Robert Venditti reintroduces lesser known Kryptonian Kru-El, cousin of Jor-El and Zor-El. The exchange had by these family members is extremely layered filled with hints of passive aggressive behavior. I found this whole sequence fascinating as The House of El jockeyed for position, trying to gain the higher ground. 

The issue really comes alive during the end of the issue when an assassination attempt befalls The House Of El. The sheer panic and anarchy in this moment was palpable. Seeing Zod and Jor-El coming alive while protecting the ones closest to them was awe-inspiring to say the least. This really is an emotionally charged sequence as fatalities occur. Once again Venditti plants the seeds in this moment that Krypton has grown corrupt and become a mere shadow of its former self. 

Robert Venditti has created a very layered society that often feels like it is hanging by a thread. The pomp and ceremony, the pageantry created in this issue papers over the cracks which soon appear as our guests start to play chess with one another. Michael Avon Oeming’s artwork is spectacular in this issue, every page is full of dynamic artwork that brings the World of Krypton to life. Be it action or dialogue this issue flows beautifully and Oeming’s extremely inventive panel layouts make this issue a visual treat, designing them to look like computer panels is a genius move that ties into our futuristic setting.

There are so many elements I love about this issue the main one being Nick Filardi’s colours. Oeming’s artwork is complemented by colours that are bold and that morph beautifully into another thanks to the different lighting effects that constantly take place.

World Of Krypton #1 is an absolute delight to read, especially if you’re not familiar with these characters. I for one cannot wait to see what happens next as the clock ticks down towards Kryptons ultimate demise.

Haven’t picked up World Of Krypton yet? You can get the standard cover by Mico Suayan and Annette Kwok here (UK), or here (US).

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  1. How about a chapter of the Death of Krypton’s SunGod, RAO ? Is the SunGod RAO forever
    banished forever from Krypton?. Oh WOW! That’s news … very sad news!

    Look at the name of the SunGod RAO ……..
    close to the Superman actor’s name: REEVE (Christopher) of the 70s and 80s
    almost similar to another Superman actor’s name: REEVES (George) of the 60s
    almost sounds like another Superman actor’s name: ROUTH (Brandon) of the 2000s

    Waaaow! REEVES, REEVE, ROUTH …. all real Superman actors’ names and wearing Superman
    Krypton-type blue-red-yellow costume, sound like that name, RAO, the dead SunGod of Krypton.

    Look at the strange equation: RAO. ===== > RA + O
    RA is the name of the SunGod of Egypt. and
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    energizes the Man of Steel, SUPERMAN.
    O O.
    O. dot O ====>. 🌞 ———–> energizes SUPERMAN
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    Letter O. The Sun with
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    RAO was invented probably in the 1960s! And probably miraculously called REEVES, REEVE and
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    So, RAO is dead now as SunGod of Krypton! Waaaaow! Too bad!

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