REVIEW: Justice League Infinity #3

Justice League Infinity #3 continues a riveting original story set in the world of the classic animated series, delivering character arcs, surprises and twists epic in scope and unique to this universe in the exact same fashion its’ source material always delivered.

Justice League Infinity #3 continues The DC Animated Universe, in which we are introduced to even more characters and worlds from the newly discovered multiverse. Not only that but we are treated to some emotional moments, as well as some thrilling developments and easter eggs for long-time fans!

The cover for this issue by Dan Mora is stunning, featuring the JLU roster we know and love, facing off with their counterparts from the newly introduced “Earth D!” Again, it’s fun to see our JLAU heroes rendered in a more classic comic book art style, when they’ve almost always exclusively been depicted in the Bruce Timm’s style. The colors here are bold, and the composition is epic, this is a striking cover to say the least.

Justice League Infinity #3 Review | The Aspiring Kryptonian
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The interior art by Ethan Beavers continues to deliver, giving us the classic JLU feel, and applying that feel to all new characters, vehicles, and locations! A truly impressive undertaking!

Let me just say that if you’re a fan of the show, or the previous issues, you should pick this one up. Now, if you continue to read this review, be warned, spoilers ahead!

Justice League Infinity #3 starts out on “Earth D”, another Earth in the multiverse experiencing the same phenomenon as the JLU and Overman Earths, with people disappearing and being replaced with their doppelgängers from across the multiverse. Earth D is home to a familiar hero, President Superman himself, Calvin Ellis! Unfortunately, he becomes the newest victim of the universal displacement effect. His wife Unatti (Wonder Woman), and the rest of their Justice League also make an appearance. I’m not familiar enough with Ellis’ universe to know if these other Leaguers are canon from his Earth in the mainstream DC Multiverse, or if they are creations specifically for the DCAU.

Back on the JLU Earth, Overman is being interrogated by The League and Lois Lane, who is especially vicious in her questioning, being worried about Superman. Surprisingly, Lois is also our narrator for this issue, and in her narration we learn that she and Superman are in fact officially dating, though still no word on whether or not she knows his secret identity.

Meanwhile back on Overman’s Earth, Superman is making friends with Zod, Metallo, and Doomsday, who are leaders of the Freedom Fighters. We discover that unlike on the JLU earth, Doomsday is actually a mutated version of Emil Hamilton (a mainstay player in the TV Shows), and the General Zod is somehow Jewish! We continue to see that Superman knows who Zod is (or at least a version of him), hinting that there are DCAU Superman stories we have missed. And judging by Zod’s profession of faith, it appears that this version of Zod at least, must have been adopted by human parents after he came to Earth.

There is a brief standoff between Superman and Calvin Ellis when Ellis suddenly appears on Overman’s Earth. But the two of them quickly realise they’re on the same side, in a refreshing and very Superman take on the classic trope of heroes fighting when they first meet. It’s a nice moment.

We see some intense emotion from Batman when Wonder Woman is transported to another dimension as well! This continues to hint at a deeper relationship between the two that we have yet to see explored on screen (or panel). Another fascinating aspect to Wonder Woman’s switch, is that her doppelgänger replacement is a mere pile of dust and bones, the long dead corpse of an alternate Wonder Woman from the multiverse!

Batman and the team set off to probe the depths of the Multiversal breaches in a brand new version of the iconic Javelin ships from the TV series! The two previous Javelin models can be seen in hangars below, and the new model fits in perfectly with the aesthetic of the show! Well done Ethan Beavers! Here’s hoping if the show is ever continued in some fashion, they’ll pay homage to this design!

And finally we are left with a cliffhanger ending, joining Wonder Woman alone on a frozen planet, only to come face to face with Darkseid! Presumably this is the planet where the skeletal Wonder Woman came from, and whether this is the one true Darkseid or a multiversal variant remains to be seen.

The last time we saw Darkseid was in the series finale “Destroyer,” where he and Lex Luthor had vanished together in possession of the anti-life equation! If that’s still the case, I don’t know if Wonder Woman will be up to the task of defeating him! Of course, based on the teaser text for the next issue which reads “Darkseid…  my love!” I REALLY don’t know what to expect from Issue 4, but I can’t wait to read it!

Justice League Infinity #3 continues a riveting original story set in the world of the classic animated series, delivering character arcs, surprises and twists epic in scope and unique to this universe in the exact same fashion its’ source material always delivered.

Haven’t picked up Justice League Infinity #3 yet? You can get the cover by Dan Mora here (UK), or here (US).

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