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REVIEW: Justice League Infinity #4

Justice League Infinity #4 is here and finally the questions left by last issues strange teaser text will be answered.

For those of you unaware of the questions to which I refer, I’m sure questions of your own manifest as soon as you lay your eyes on this issue’s cover by James Tucker, on which is depicted Wonder Woman in the arms of Darkseid engaging in a passionate kiss! If I hadn’t been reading the series, this image ALONE would have caused me to buy this issue immediately. 

Justice League Infinity #4 Review | The Aspiring Kryptonian
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

The interior art by Ethen Beavers continues on its unrelenting streak of excellence in bringing the DCAU back to life within these pages. DeMatteis and Tucker masterfully craft this incredibly intriguing story for us to enjoy. But again, that cover!

So many questions. So, so many questions. This issue is very hard to review without going into detail on a majority of the spoilers, so if you haven’t yet read this issue, please do not read any further.

It’s Wonder Woman herself who will be helping us discover the answers to those questions, as she takes on the role of narrator for this issue. We join her where last we saw her, in a cave with Darkseid, whom she immediately attacks! But soon it is revealed as I predicted in my last review, that this is not our Darkseid, but rather his doppelgänger from another Earth, a doppelgänger who had fallen in love with his universes Wonder Woman. A Wonder Woman who sports a version of the classic Lynda Carter costume rendered in Bruce Timms art style! She is also wearing Wonder Woman’s famous Golden Eagle Armour from Kingdom Come later in the issue.

I won’t spoil all the specifics, but lets just say, our Wonder Woman wrestles with the notion that anyone, especially another version of herself could love Darkseid. By the end of the issue however, she’s forced to rethink her biases toward the tyrant King. The story of Darkseids’ love for Wonder Woman has some wonderful 4th World elements that have not yet explored in the DCAU, which give this tale a unique flavour in regard to the rest of the canon. The retelling of the bizarre love story takes up the bulk of the issue, with the few remaining pages dedicated to the continuing perils of the Multiverse breaking down. 

There aren’t too many Easter Eggs in this one, other than an obvious one pointed out by the writers themselves in regard to a returning Wonder Woman character. However, I did notice that the Green Lantern of this Darkseid’s universe appears to be Hal Jordan. Meaning this could be the universe in which Hal Jordan is yanked from for his brief cameo in the JLU episode “The Once and Future Thing, Part 2.” But that’s up for debate since that episode dealt with alternate timelines, not alternate Earths.

Justice League Infinity #4, as teased by its cover image (perhaps the most attention grabbing cover this year!), delivers an incredibly intriguing tale of love, loss, and life change, expertly delivered by a team of stellar writers and artists. 

Haven’t picked up Justice League Infinity #4 yet? You can get the standard cover by James Tucker here (UK), or here (US).

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