Podcast – Ep #21 – Flash Rumours, Son Of Kal-El #3, Action Comics #1035, Batman/Superman #22 & more

Hello and welcome to Episode #21 of The Aspiring Kryptonians Podcast!

In this episode we discuss the latest DC News including the talent line up for DC FanDome and The Flash movie rumours.

We also discuss out thoughts on the following comic books; Action Comics #1035, Superman: Son Of Kal-El #3, Batman/Superman #22, Superman ’78 #2 and Justice League Infinity #4.

This week’s topic schedule is as follows and please note that we include spoilers throughout this episode!
1m 02s – DC FanDome
8m 10s – The Flash Rumours
15m 24s – Superman: Son Of Kal-El #3
34m 49s – Action Comics #1035
57m 44s – Superman ’78 #2
1hr 18m 30s – Batman/Superman #22
1hr 42m – Justice League Infinity #4

Again thank you so. much for taking the time to listen to our podcast, it really does mean the world to us!

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