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REVIEW: Superman ’78 #3

Superman ’78 #3 chronicles the continuing adventures of Superman originally brought to life by Richard Donner alongside an iconic cast including Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder and Gene Hackman. 

Robert Venditti and Wilfredo Torres have introduced one of Superman’s most iconic villains into the universe that made you believe a man can fly. Issue #3 of this remarkable series dives deep into Superman lore and expands the Donner universe like never before.

The main cover for this series instantly grabbed my attention as a shocked Superman seemingly comes face to face with Lara and Jor-El. Straight away this cover raises questions that I never thought would be asked. Cover artist Amy Reeder depicts this meeting in a very clever way that leaves plenty of space for speculation. I simply adore the composition of this piece.

Superman '78 #3 Review | The Aspiring Kryptonian
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

In regards to the variant cover, artist Lee Weeks has created a very romantic piece as Lois and Superman share a moment atop the Daily Planet building. This piece truly hearkens back to when Superman and Lois fly side by side during Richard Donner’s seminal piece from 1978, the very inspiration for this series. Superman exudes confidence as he reaches for Lois’ hand. This cover captures the very essence of the pairs relationship at this time. I love it.

Superman '78 #3 Review | The Aspiring Kryptonian

Superman ’78 #3 continues on from where the previous issue left off with the citizens of Metropolis looking on in horror as Superman relinquishes his freedom to Brainiac in return for the continued safety of Metropolis. 

Seeing how heartbroken the citizens of Metropolis are in the face of losing Superman is a truly sobering moment. The lengths they are willing to go to, to save ‘one of their own’ is awe-inspiring to say the least. This showcases just how beloved Superman is by his fellow citizens. There is a beautiful moment shared between Superman and Lois that is simple yet just so impactful. My heart definetly shattered in this moment. 

Not to be outdone by this seminal moment in history, a flamboyant Lex Luthor makes his presence felt as he reminds the world including Brainiac just who he is. Luthor’s inclusion in this moment adds some much needed levity to an otherwise highly charged sequence that certainly packs a punch.

Superman: The Movie exposed the world to the rich and wonderful lore of Superman from endearing characters to iconic locations and imagery that has enthralled comic book readers for years. As this very issue progresses, the creative team of Robert Venditti and Wilfredo Torres expose The Donner Universe to the wider DC Universe like never before.

The characters and imagery we are treated to as the issue progresses left me speechless. I was hanging off of every single word as Robert Venditti sent us down a path alongside Superman I could never have imagined. During these encounters, Im not afraid to say that my heart shattered for a second time.

This is an extremely emotional issue from start to finish featuring some really deep and meanigful connections. Superman’s warmth and caring nature is on display at all times as he puts others before himself. The bonds he has created mean the world to him as he doesn’t shy away from expressing himself. Robert Venditti continues to capture the voice of each of these characters perfectly the way they were portrayed.

Artist Wilfredo Torres captures the actors likenesses perfectly. This is a very serious issue and Superman conveys that mood with every look and with every stance and pose. The imagery we encounter in this issue looks familiar yet is captured in such a way that we have not encountered before. This is a gorgeous looking book that ties into the look and feel of the Richard Donner movie perfectly 

Superman ’78 #3 like its predecessors is an absolute joy to behold. I love the feel of nostalgia, the feel of familiarity this series provides right before the creative team introduces exciting ideas and DC Comics lore not seen in The Donner Universe before.

Haven’t picked up Superman ’78 #3 yet? You can get the standard cover by Amy Reeder here (UK), or here (US). O if you prefer the variant cover by Lee Weeks, you can get that here.

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