Superman (Jon Kent) and Nightwing Set To Team Up In 2022

Tom Taylor and DC Comics’ have revealed that Superman and Nightwing are set to team up in 2022. It’s great to see that Jon’s Superman teaming up with other members of the DC Universe, not to mention another son of DC’s most iconic heroes.

Writer Tom Taylor announced the news via Twitter and shared some glorious artwork alongside it. Taylor is the current writer of both Superman: Son Of Kal-El and Nightwing, so it’s a great idea for him to bring them together. Not only will it bring us a new and exciting story for both characters, but with having the same writer the crossover should be seamless.

Here’s a look at the standard cover for Nightwing #89 by Bruno Redondo and also the variant cover by Jamal Campbell.

Shortly after the announcement was made both ‘Superman’ and ‘Nightwing’ were hashtags that were trending worldwide on Twitter, so this just goes to show how much excitement there are for these characters and this potential crossover. I can’t wait, I don’t tend to read a lot of Nightwing comics, so it will be interesting to see how the pair work together.

The Superman and Nightwing team up is set to start in Nightwing #89 which is out in February 2022. Be sure to pre-order it from your local comic store.

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