‘Superman & Lois’ And Other Arrowverse Characters Headed To Comics!

DC has announced that Superman & Lois will be introduced in comics, along with other characters from the ‘Arrowverse’, are set to crossover in a brand new comic book event titled ‘Earth-Prime’.

DC has announced that Superman & Lois, along with other characters from the ‘Arrowverse’, are set to crossover in a brand new comic book event titled ‘Earth-Prime’.

‘Earth-Prime’ is a six issue event starting on 5th April, that spans over three months. The first five issues will focus on a different character from the ‘Arrowverse’ with the final issue being a complete crossover. To make this event seamless the writers, actors and show runners from each show will be involved and it’s safe to say I cannot wait.

It has been confirmed that the second issue will focus on Superman & Lois, whilst the first issue will focus on Batwoman. Earth-Prime #2 (the Superman & Lois issue) will see the pair celebrate their first wedding anniversary, but their careers get in the way, Superman has to take on the responsibility as a superhero, whilst Lois has to get to the bottom of the truth!

It is confirmed that we will also see more of the origin of the Evil Superman variant from Earth-TUD22 that was introduced in the first series. I’m very excited to get to know more about him and what his particular story is and what a great way to explore tangents like this from the series… in comics! I’m so glad that this version of Superman & Lois are in comics, I hope this is a sign of more crossovers to come.

The creative team behind this issue are sure to do a great job! The issue will be written by Adam Mallinger, Jai Jamison and Andrew Wong, with Tom Grummet on the artwork and Norm Rapmund on the inking.

Here’s a look at the cover for Earth-Prime #2, which is by Kim Jacinto :

Superman & Lois In Comics
Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

Earth-Prime #2 is set for release on 19th April and is available to pre-order NOW from your local comic shop. I cannot wait to see Superman & Lois in comics!

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