‘I Am Superman’ To Release In Stories Brand New Change The World Series

DC have announced ‘I Am Superman’, a brand new book for a brand new series titled ‘Stories Change The World’.

DC have announced ‘I Am Superman’, a brand new book for a brand new series titled ‘Stories Change The World’.

Brad Meltzer and Chris Eliopoulos are the masterminds behind this series, with Meltzer on writing duties and Eliopoulos on illustrations. Both have worked on a similar title called ‘Ordinary People Change The World’ and both have ties to the comic book industry, so who better to bring this concept to life with our beloved superheroes.

The series, (which is in partnership with DC and Penguin Random House) will shed light on our favourite DC heroes, which I think is genius. Though we know how inspirational these characters are, it’s always great to see that explored and broken down for younger audiences to understand and consume.

Here’s the official write up from DC Comics:

The Stories Change the World series retells beloved, iconic fictional tales of heroism, providing a lively and fun first version of the myth and why it’s inspirational, and serving as a fantastic stepping stone to get young readers interested in nonfiction biographies. Included in each book are: A timeline of key moments in the story’s history. Images of important film, TV, and cartoon versions of the story. Comic-book-style illustrations that are in the superhero’s life story. Childhood moments that influenced the hero. Facts that make great conversation-starters. A character trait that makes the character heroic and that readers can aspire to  You’ll want to collect each book in this dynamic series!

Here’s a look at the covers by Eliopoulos for ‘I Am Superman’ and ‘I Am Batman’

Heres the official write up of ‘I Am Superman’:

For almost 80 years, the story of Clark Kent has been told by thousands of creators and this picture book biography is the perfect way to introduce the young readers to this legendary superhero. From his beginnings on his birth planet Krypton to his childhood on Earth, I am Superman focuses on the ways Clark Kent was super because of his actions, not just his powers.

‘I Am Superman’ and ‘I Am Batman’ are available to pre-order now and are set for release in September 2022. As well as Superman and Batman, Meltzer and Eliopoulos will also add ‘I Am Wonder Woman’ to the collection in 2023.

I love this idea and I cannot wait to introduce my son to these iconic characters and their ways. I hope this series is a success and other characters are later introduced.

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