Prime 1 Studio Reveal ‘Dark Nights: Death Metal’ Superman Statue

Prime 1 Studios have announced a brand new statue, ‘Dark Nights: Death Metal’ Superman and it looks badass!

The series Dark Nights: Death Metal was iconic and gave us a totally different for all of the characters of DC, including Superman, who had quite a drastic design change. I loved the series and seeing the merchandise that is now available from it is great to see. Well, the latest release is this incredible statue by Prime 1 Studios as part of their Museum Masterline series.

Here’s a closer look at the Dark Nights: Death Metal Superman statue.

There are two versions of the statues, a standard one and a deluxe one. The standard only features the head with furiously glowing red eyes and the deluxe comes with additional head designs with normal eyes. The deluxe version also comes with two display stands.

Both versions of the ‘Dark Nights: Death Metal‘ Superman statue are limited edition, though it has not yet been announced how many of each statue will be produced. The statue is 1:3 in scale and stands at 37″ tall, which is a pretty hefty size. The detail on this statue is just phenomenal, as always with statues from Prime 1 Studios.

The standard statue is priced at $1,499 and the deluxe statue is priced at $1,699 and both are available to pre-order from the Prime 1 Studios website now. Expected shipping dates are between April and July 2024.

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