Joshua Orpin Bids Superboy Farewell After ‘Titans’ Cancellation

Joshua Orpin bid his character, Superboy, farewell after the HBO Max series ‘Titans’ was cancelled.

Joshua Orpin bid his character, Superboy, farewell after the HBO Max series ‘Titans’ was cancelled.

Titans first aired on DC Universe in 2018 before it became the comics-only streaming service DC Universe Infinite. It was the first original series and the most popular from that time to its move to HBO Max. It also gave way to the also popular Doom Patrol spin-off. This year after its fourth season, Titans will come to an end, along with Doom Patrol. 

The decision to end series such as Titans may also coincide with the Arrowverse coming to a close. Regardless, the mature and gritty approach to DC’s teen heroes as they tackled classic villains like Trigon and Deathstroke became one of the most talked about DC shows.

Joshua Orpin Bids Superboy Farewell After 'Titans' Cancellation
Photo Credit: HBO Max

The second season accumulated more viewers with the introduction of such characters as Krypto and Superboy. Joshua Orpin was cast to play Connor Kent and has given the character a much-needed mainstream live-action presence. Everything that made the character so fascinating in the comics has been included in the show such as his identity as a Superman/Lex Luthor clone. While the main characters of the series have always been Dick, Dawn, or Kory – Connor had some great moments in the show as the team’s go-to heavy hitter. 

In a farewell post to the role on his Instagram, Orpin expressed the following about his time playing Connor Kent, “…every once in a while, a role comes along that’s so enthralling, so fascinating, so alien, and yet human that you’re compelled to give a little more of yourself. You’re driven to connect a little deeper, to access parts of yourself you may not have known were ever there. You pour your heart and soul into the work, so much so that to say good bye to such a character would be like severing part of yourself. In these cases, saying goodbye is tough. This is one of those…so farewell, Superboy, you’ll always have a special place in my heart.” 

Orpin also mentioned that season four of Titans has yet to release its second part and that the finale was all for the fans. He also continues to express how bringing Connor Kent to the expanded TV universe of DC has truly been a life-changing experience along with gratitude for the production team and staff that made it possible.

We are extremely sad to see Titans go, it was a series we thoroughly enjoyed.

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