REVIEW: Action Comics #1058

Action Comics #1058 shows that Lex Luthor’s philosophy that Superman is an invasive species on Earth isn’t unique to him – several of the rogues willing to take on the Man of Steel share this view. The Blue Earth movement and Norah Stone show that they are no different in this very issue.

Steve Beach has been giving us some of the best traditional, photorealistic Superman covers in this series and he does his take on a symbolic matchup of the decades – Clark Kent vs. Superman. It’s a cold-looking cover thousands of miles in the air. The clothing textures are especially impressive. This is no metaphorical cover either – this battle is literal.

REVIEW: Action Comics #1058

Another top Superman artist Jorge Jimenez does a cover for this issue, this one with our favorite couple. Like so many other of his pieces, this one can go on merchandise with how timeless it is. You can just hear that romantic flight music from the movie with Superman and Lois on one of their evening flights. Jimenez does some interesting things with his cape and the color red to show that he is moving. It’s intentionally simplistic compared to his other variants and that gives it charm.

REVIEW: Action Comics #1058

Carla Cohen has a stunning Supergirl variant in all her Action Comic suit glory. She doesn’t even have to do anything, all she needs to do is just stand there like she’s getting her picture taken for work or school. In fact, it really does look like an actual picture that was taken. Everything is stylized and complimented without any exaggeration, even the slightest.

REVIEW: Action Comics #1058

Other great variants for this issue are by Gabriele Dell’Otto, Freddie Williams II, and Jorge Fornes.

Right off the last issue and his interview with Norah Stone, Clark is ambushed by an imposter Superman, and is forced into defensive damage control. Not only would it appear that the movement is trying to discredit Superman, but they also may know who he is considering Stone was able to somehow take a portion of his strength with kryptonite-like jewelry during their interview. Clark shows that he can be just as resourceful and battle-wise as Bruce can during times of freefall in this encounter.

Clark makes it home as Kara, Otho, Osul, and the Irons return from Steelworks. It’s story time with Supergirl as she cracks open a Kryptonian house tale. In other words, medieval fantasy-like stories from ancient Krypton. We know the House of El one – the story of Nightwing and Flamebird but as it turns out Otho and Osul have a house of their own. And, with every house must come heroes. Meanwhile, Clark heads to Steelworks with John Henry for more help against Blue Earth – who may not be as Earthly as they say. The inclusion of Kara’s old Kryptonian stores allows Johnson to go back to the cosmic fantasy theming of his Action Comics run that began on Warworld. There is also plenty of times that this series connects with the other Superman title and Steelworks. Letters are by Dave Sharpe.

Rafa Sandoval and colourist Matt Herms get to live the creative dream of every Superman artist with his Clark vs. Superman panels. Even though Clark is low on power, he’s still reacting and taking hits like it’s next to nothing. There is plenty of Onomatopoeia integrated into the art for some serious high-in-the-sky Ropeadope. Compared to the last issue, there was definitely more action to draw and the wait paid off.

A new Kenan Kong adventure begins in the Secret Identity story written by original creator Gene Luen Yang and drawn by Superman series artist Viktor Bogdanovic. It would seem that Kenan’s presence in the Superfamily may strictly be business. The Super-twins and Bibbo also have their own adventure during the Metropolis Day parade in a one-shot written by Greg Hahn and art by Travis Mercer. Here, Bibbo plays babysitter for Otho and Osul but he soon finds out that Superkids can be a lot of trouble.

Action Comics #1058 sees the Blue Earth movement move whatever plans they have into motion using a reliable weapon – fear of Superman. At the same time, more questions do arise than answers which is all the more reason to keep reading.

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