Action Comics #1060 Preview

Action Comics #1060 is on sale Tuesday 12th December and here is a preview of the covers and interior pages.

The issue is written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Nicole Maines, Steve Orlando and Joe Casey. The main cover is by Steve Beach, with variants by Jorge Jiménez & Alejandro Sánchez, Jim Cheung & Jay David Ramos, Daniel Sampere & Alejandra Sánchez, Kaare Andrews and Felipe Massafera.

The interior art is by Eddy Barrows, Fico Ossio and Eber Ferreira, Joe Prado, Dan McDaid and Jonas Trindade, colours by Matt Herms and Christopher Sotomayor and letters by Dave Sharpe. Here’s a look at the preview pages:

Here is the official synopsis from DC

A mistake from Superman’s past has returned, and Metropolis hangs in the balance! As the super-family is betrayed from within and stripped of their powers one by one, Superman sets out on a suicide mission into the Multiverse alongside the unlikeliest of allies: Constantine, the demon Etrigan, and–making his return to Action Comics–Bloodwynd!

Plus: During “Beast World” in Metropolis, Dreamer has a run-in with life-changing consequences, and Zod’s son begins to suspect New Kandor isn’t as peaceful as it seems in the prelude to Kneel Before Zod #1!

Action Comics #1060 is out on Tuesday 12th December and is available from your local comic store.

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