REVIEW: Action Comics #1060

Action Comics #1060 is an excellent continuation of the Blue Earth story arc. As we draw closer to the Action Comics Annual later this month, we learn more and more about this group and more importantly it’s leader, Norah Stone, in the penultimate final issue from Phillip Kennedy Johnson.

But before we get into the issue itself, let’s take a look at the covers. The main cover is by cover regular Steve Beach and perfectly showcases a key aspect of this very issue featuring Superman and John Constantine. I love the detail on both them and the surroundings of the mysterious place they find themselves in and the use of the black and green colour palette for the background really makes the pair stand out.

REVIEW: Action Comics #1060

The variant by Jorge Jimenez showcases everything I love about Superman. The joy radiating from him is palpable and whilst it’s always cool to see him saving the planet and taking on the bad guys, seeing these moments of joy sometimes mean so much more. The detail is excellent and the more you look at each child, the more detail and effort you see that Jorge has put into it.

REVIEW: Action Comics #1060

The variant by Kaare Andrews takes me straight back to the classic 90s style comic art and really showcases their range of art styles. The bulky classic art against the extremely realistic background and skies are really affective. To say I adore this is an understatement.

REVIEW: Action Comics #1060

There are also other variants available by Felipe Massafera, Daniel Sampere & Alejandro Sanchez and Jim Cheung & Jay David Ramos.

Action Comics #1060 opens out with Superman seeking help from none other than John Constantine! They are always an unlikely pairing and I always enjoy seeing them working together or interacting with one another and though this is the first time we’ve seen them together in a long time, Phillip Kennedy Johnson perfectly grasps their relationship.

We also see more about where Otho Ra has been taken by Shadow Sister AKA Norah Stone. Here we get more insight into her intentions and how Otho is set to play a part in her plan and I have to say it is VERY intriguing and whilst I want Otho to get back safe and sound with the Superman Family, I kind of want to see how all of this would play out if it did go wrong.

The interior art is by Eddy Barrows, Fico Ossio, Eber Ferreira, Joe Prado and Jonas Trindade, colours by Matt Herms and Christopher Sotomayor and letters by Dave Sharpe. The artwork (as always with action comics) is great here, there’s a sense of classic comic art mixed with fantasy style. Not only that but there are some great designs or redesigns should I say for some characters and superman is looking as classic as ever. 

Superman isn’t giving Constantine the full story as to why he is seeking his help and who the overall threat is and whilst he respects that, he isn’t all that keen on helping him. Especially after seeing the magic and artefacts of their hideout. Here, we get just a taste of how vulnerable Superman is to magic as he easily falls for the oldest trick in the book. It’s safe to say that he has unleashed something awful on the Metropolis and I can’t wait to see how it ends.

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