McFarlane Toys Begin Preorders for Earth-2 Superman Gold Label Figure

With the release of ‘Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths – Part One’, McFarlane Toys has the perfect Superman figure to coincide with the DC Multiverse Superman of Earth-2 Golf Label Figure as part of the Monitor build-a-figure series. While Superman of Earth-2, or Kal-L, has always been similar to Superman of Earth-1 save for being older and founding the Justice Society rather than the Justice League, this figure uses some never-before-seen Superman figure molds from McFarlane Toys.

McFarlane Toys Superman Of Earth-2

The usual 7” figure with 22 parts of articulation figure uses a smoother and slightly more simplified chest emblem and what seems like a felt cape with a new, larger yellow insignia on the back. Of course, Earth-2 Superman’s defining wingtips to show his age are detailed in a new head sculpt –much more stern compared to other ones that McFarlane Toys has used. The figure also includes two interchangeable hands and a figure base. The DC Multiverse character card includes comic art from Crisis on Infinite Earths artist George Perez. 

The Gold Label figure also includes the arms for the Monitor build-a-figure. The other three figures in this series are other members of the Crisis on Infinite Earths cast The Spectre, The Flash, Kid Flash, and Psycho Pirate.

As a Gold Label Figure, Kal-L is only available for pre-order with a March release from McFarlane Toys directly with a $40 price tag. The wired, felt cape is a very welcome feature by collectors upon announcement with many hoping that it will be the new direction McFarlane Toys will take with future Superman releases.

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