McFarlane Toys Announce ‘Ghosts Of Krypton’, An Exclusive Comic Series For Page Puncher Action Figures

If the 7-inch scale action figures with 22 points of articulation and display base isn’t a good enough reason to look into McFarlane Toys’ line of DC Page Punchers figures, then the exclusive and original comic books you won’t find in stories that come with each figure will.

Wave 5 of Superman-inspired figures will be based on the McFarlane Toys exclusive limited series – ‘Superman: Ghosts of Krypton‘. The wave features four different figures, Superman, Earth-2 Superman, Phantom Zone Zod, and Brainiac, each coming with one of four issues of the series.

Haunted by the vision of a spectral General Zod seeking salvation, Superman embarks on a perilous journey into the Phantom Zone, where Kal-El discovers an army of deadly Brainiac drones! Superman soon learns that Val-Zod, the Superman of Earth-2, has also been lured to the Zone by ghosts from the past. Although powerless in the Phantom Zone, the Men of Steel, donning protective Kryptonian armor suits, vow to vanquish Brainiac and the menacing mechanical army,” the official synopsis for ‘Ghosts Of Krypton‘ reads.

Superman’s figure in this series is something right out of Dark Knights Death Metal. The chainmail-like costume gives Kal-El the protection he needs when nearly powerless in the Phantom Zone while the scraps of defeated Brainiac drones are used as make-shift armor. The best part is that the armor is removable and the issue that Superman comes with is the first one of the series.

General Zod undergoes the most drastic reimagining for this story as a literal phantom. With no nose and glowy skin, he really does look like a super-zombie.  He also gets cool Outlander-like armor in place of his usual grey military uniform. The crest of the Zod on his belt is also a really nice touch. With Brainiac invading the Phantom Zone, what could Zod’s role in the story be? Secondary antagonist or unlikely ally? This figure comes with the second issue.

Val-Zod, Superman of Earth-2, seems to have a major supporting role in this story as he too joins Kal-El in the Phantom Zone. Not too many Val-Zod figures are on the market so this is a very welcome one with all the features that make Superman figures great like a felt cape (seems like McFarlane Toys have done away with plastic ones). Similar to Kal, Val also wears a chainmail-like take on his suit. The figure also comes with the third issue in the story.

Brainiac makes an appearance as the story’s main antagonist as he seemingly has taken over the Phantom Zone with his endless army of drones and multiversal technology. McFarlane Toys decided to go with the modern android look as opposed to the Coluan cyborg. This multi-armed figure comes with interchangeable tentacles and other menacing limbs. The figure comes with the fourth issue.

Page Punchers sure have come a long way from their initial three-inch figures. It’s now almost like getting a DC Multiverse figure that comes with a comic. All four figures are available for pre-order with the shipping month of May for $24.99 each, or in a set for $84.96 (special deal!) on McFarlane Toys’ site.

It’s unknown whether ‘Superman: Ghosts of Krypton‘ will be available for reading on digital.

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