DC Release This Years Line-Up For ‘DC Pride 2024’

DC have released this years line-up for ‘DC Pride 2024’, which spotlights the many journeys and destinations that our beloved DC super heroes experience, with many queer detours along the way! This issue features 100+ pages of original content which features locations such as; New Genesis, The Phantom Zone, Portworld, The Oblivion Bar and more. Here’s a look at the main cover by Kevin Wada.

DC Pride is a Eisner and Ringo award-winning comic book anthology which showcases DC’s LGBTQIA+ characters and their unique journeys. The prestige format comic features all-new stories featuring fan favourites and features a wraparound variant cover by David Talaski, foil and card stock variants by Babs Tarr and Wada’s main cover can also be purchased as a 1:25 card stock variant.

DC Pride 2024

This jam packed issue contains original stories that include Dreamer, who takes her first-time pilgrimage to her ancestral planet Naltor, Poison Ivy and Janet from HR, who goes spore-hunting on Portworld, Superman (Jon Kent) and Jay Nakamura who get together with Bunker and the Ray for a boy’s night out in A-Town. We also see Steel (Natasha Irons) who works up the courage to talk to Traci 13 at a pride party, Aquaman (Jackson Hyde) who gets an unexpected ride to the Fourth World for a Love Festival, Circuit Breaker who’s unstable powers take him to the Phantom Zone and finally a Blue Starman story. These stories are written by Phil Jimenez, Nicole Maines, Gretchen Felker-Martin, Jarrett Williams, Jamila Rowser, Ngozi Ukazu, Calvin Kasulke and Al Ewing, with art by Giulio Macaione, Jordan Gibson, Claire Roe, D.K. Kirkland, ONeill Jones and Len Gogou.

The pride celebrations don’t end there! Throughout DC’s line of monthly comic books, they will highlight pride-themed variant covers for series that feature queer characters in both regular and lead roles. Look out for those variants for Action Comics #1066 (Betsy Cola), Suicide Squad: Dream Team #4 (Fatima Wajid), Superman #15 (Angel Solorzano) and more.

‘DC Pride 2024’ is set for release on 28th May and will be available from your local comic shop.

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