REVIEW: Action Comics #1063

Action Comics #1063‘ is here and crises caused by Bizarro usually take Superman on absurd twists and turns, but the absurdity reaches new heights as ‘I, Bizarro’ reaches its conclusion. The damage is far worse as the world succumbs to Bizarro’s magic spell while Superman makes his last stand with the most insane, or rather sane, ally he’s ever partnered with.

John Timms finishes his trilogy of ‘I, Bizarro’ covers with Bizarro and Superman throwing down in Metropolis once again. This was one of their most unique encounters with Bizarro becoming magically charged as he’s more positively affected by it than Superman. This cover, screams last stand – but it’s almost as if Bizarro is defending his new world from Superman with how they’re placed.

REVIEW: Action Comics #1063

Jorge Jimenez’s variant is a great Clark Kent and Superman piece that brilliantly reflects all the subtle differences that set them apart and why his secret identity works so well in-universe. It’s all about how you present yourself as we’ve learned in several Clark-centric stories. As always Jimenez’s Superman illustrations always light up the DC section of comic shops when they are released.

REVIEW: Action Comics #1063

Kikuo Johnson’s variant isn’t a far cry off from what Superman actually has to deal with in this issue as Bizarro’s spell causes him to be a more internal threat. How Johnson illustrates both of them is classical in terms of Bizarro’s blocky head and brow as well as his blue suit. With the conclusion of the story, it may be a while before we see some Superman and Bizarro covers as great as these.

REVIEW: Action Comics #1063

Other great variants are done by Paolo Rivera and Tom Reilly.

Bizarro’s spell didn’t just turn Metropolis into Bizarro World, but the entire globe. Superman roams as a pariah while he fends off the magic influence on himself which will turn him into Bizarro since that is the only thing the world is missing. However, there’s one valuable ally the spell did provide – The Joker, now a sane and heroic clown seeking to undo the damage that was done. Superman is going to need a lesson in sanity as he takes the battle to his mind where Bizarro #1 awaits.

It’s an Inception-like adventure as the Joker acts as Superman’s coach from the sidelines and keeps his body away from the Bizarro inhabitants almost like Batman would. Much like the encounter that began this, Superman’s inner Bizarro is stronger than ever and we should all be grateful that the Earth that their fight takes place on is metaphysical and not the real one because it would never recover from this brawl. Put any images of a fair fight out of your mind as well.

Jason Aaron’s brief tenure as a writer for this series for these last three issues definitely has felt like a guest star role and has been a real treat. This was a conclusion that not too many readers could have predicted with a Bizarro Joker and the final showdown taking place in Clark’s mind of all places. What has been undeniable is the extreme Superman vs. Bizarro action we have been getting. The mystery of where Bizarro stands in the DC Universe after losing Bizarro World and even his family in the previous Superman series is still very much explorable.

John Timms and Rex Lokus have been a great visual team on drawings and coloring respectively and they only get crazier in this one. We’ve really been everywhere these last issues – Sorcerers’ World, around the Solar System, all over the world, and now in one that exists in Superman’s mind. Needless to say, it’s been quite an adventure and we even got a brand new character for DC History.

Action Comics #1063‘ concludes one of the best Superman and Bizarro showdowns in contemporary comics. It’s been an action-packed Superman story that deals with sanity which is often a theme that Batman explores.

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