REVIEW: Power Girl #5

Every once in a while, after the conclusion to long running story arc, we get, what I like to call, a downtime issue. An issue that’s a little more lighthearted or focuses more on the slice of life details of the character’s lives that prologues the next big arc. Power Girl #5, “Streaky Does A Big Stretch” is such an issue as the spotlight shines on a typical night in the life of Streaky the Supercat. 

Gary Frank and Brad Anderson’s standard cover plays on the question every pet owner ponders at some point or another; what do they dream about? As Paige adoringly gazes upon her feline companion, her idea of Streaky’s dreams consist of a beautiful outdoor frolic chasing butterflies. Her actual dream is of an epic space battle against a canine fleet of fighter ships, revealing there’s more to her ambitions than your typical housecat. It’s fun to see traditional thought bubbles being used to depict all of this which makes a somewhat meme like image. 

REVIEW: Power Girl #5

The variant by Steve Pugh continues featuring Streaky as she and Paige attempt to catch a bird that’s been weaponized. You wouldn’t expect to see cats and birds with such incredible facial expressions, but Pugh really makes it look natural and realistic. With Power Girl holding a containment cage, the duo is either performing a rescue mission or a training session but whichever it may be the cover is both colorful and fun.

REVIEW: Power Girl #5

Rahzzah gives us a picturesque variant of Power Girl enjoying a coastline flight. There’s a photo realism quality to their work, complete with lens flairs. A calm serenity encompasses the piece that coneys a sense of hope and brighter tomorrows. It may come off as a simple image, but something about it melts aways your worries for just a moment.

REVIEW: Power Girl #5

Other variants include works from Dani & Tamra Bonvillain and Jeff Spokes.

Writer Leah Williams takes on the role of director for this issue as very little visible dialogue takes place.  Since the story is primarily from Streaky’s point-of-view, Willaims takes it one step further, with the aid of letterer Becca Carey, in creating gibberish interactions with only the word Streaky being legible. This adds to the fun and lighthearted nature of the issue and helps create some legitimate laugh out loud scenes. 

It’s not all silly and nonsensical as we see Streaky take to patrolling Metropolis after everyone’s fallen asleep. When a momma cat discovers her litter has been catnapped by masked hooligans, Streaky promises to help. She ends up uncovering and dismantling a rather sinister animal experimentation operation and saving more than just a lost litter of kittens. After a restful catnap at Power Girl’s feet, the focus changes back to Paige’s perspective which introduces us to the beginnings of the next arc featuring a team up of Supergirls’.

With so little exposition, the work of artist David Baldeon and colorist Romulo Fajardo Jr. is the main tool for which the story is told. Together they manage to show intent and emotion even in characters whose faces are completely covered. There’s never a question in what’s happening from panel to panel.  Apparently Streaky does this kind of nightly patrolling on a regular basis as there’s a sense of familiarity to her from other animals including a contact she visits for help on the case. The action sequences are especially enjoyable as the villain’s reactions are something you’d expect from being heat visioned by an orange cat. 

All in all, Power Girl #5 acts as a fun one-off issue that doubles as a great jump-on point for new readers.  Either way you look at it, it’s a great issue for any animal lover and an awesome adventure for Streaky to partake. Now if we can only manage a sequel with her teaming up with Krypto in the future.     

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