Bagzone Lifestyles Launches DC Comics Collection

Sri Lanka-based bag seller Bagzone Lifestyles has partnered with Warner Bros. for an exclusive set of five DC themed back packs. The collection contains Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman themed bags.

While the Batman bags are naturally black, the Superman ones are dark navy blue with two different designs. One features Superman coming to a landing in the traditional one-hand-on-the-ground pose with all his colors of red, blue, and yellow being featured. This one is definitely the most colorful of the whole series. The other Superman backpack takes it back to the palette of the anniversary stamp with shades of navy as opposed to the traditional colors. That really creates a unique style that goes right with the bag without popping like the other one. This design also features Superman flying over the city in a very Jim Lee-esque design. 

Bagzone DC Collection

Meanwhile, the Batman bags come in two varieties as well –one inspired by “The Batman” and the other with similar full color art similar to the first Superman one with “Forever Batman” written on it. The Wonder Woman bag uses a smooth palette of turquoise and scarlet for yet another unique design. 

The Superman bags, along with the Batman and Wonder Woman ones, are available online from Bagzone Lifestyles at anywhere from Rs 1500 to Rs 1700 which is roughly around $10. 

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