Terence Rosemore Cast As Otis In ‘Superman: Legacy’

With the ‘Superman: Legacy’ cast just finishing their table read and the film soon to enter filming, there are all sorts of stories and announcements about what could be the most highly anticipated superhero movie of 2025.

The film is set to feature characters from the DC Universe as a whole, but Metropolis’ supporting cast continues to grow with the addition of Terence Rosemore as Lex Luthor’s bumbling henchman, Otis. Otis first appeared in Superman: The Movie portrayed by the late Ned Beatty rather than the pages of any Superman comic, the character added a comic relief side to Lex Luthor’s scheming and plans to take down the Man of Steel. Since then, Otis has been officially added to the Superman lexicon with appearances in comics and even TV shows.

Terence Rosemore

Terence Rosemore, known for his character acting, has worked with James Gunn on ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ film series as well as ‘The Suicide Squad’. While most of these roles have been background characters, Otis may prove to be one of his larger parts as the character is reimagined and reintroduced for the new DC Universe. It’s good to know that Superman may not be the only one getting on Lex’s nerves again.

Otis isn’t the only henchman character returning to the big screen with Superman, the character of Eve Teschmacher will also appear in the film and will be played by Sara Sampaio.

‘Superman: Legacy’ is set to release on 11th July 2025.

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