REVIEW: Superman & Lois S3 Ep 11: Complications

With just two more episodes left in the season and a long-awaited appearance that has yet to happen, this very well could be the last chapter in the Mannheim and Onamnapoeia saga.  

The Mannheim’s are on the run and the tragic story of Onomatopoeia comes to a close in Superman & Lois S3, Ep 11, “Complications”. The world is never in danger here, nor was it a question of good vs evil like in previous seasons or episodes – it’s all a bunch of people trying their best to take care of each other. This is a job for Superman, but not in the traditional way in this heartfelt entry as things really begin to heat up towards the end of this season. 

Bruno (Chad L. Coleman), Peia (Daya Vaidya), and Matteo Mannheim (Spencer Moore II) have gone into hiding as they attempt to flee Metropolis. Sam (Dylan Walsh) and John Henry (Wole Parks) have sufficient evidence to apprehend Bruno in light of all the investigations over Hobb’s Bay and the supervillain attacks throughout this season. Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) would be more involved, but Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) has a significant surgery in her treatment that he and the boys (Alex Garfin and Jordan Bishop) have to be present for. It really is best that he comes in later because the Mannheim chase is already dramatic on its own. 

Superman & Lois S3 Ep 11

Peia recently took an enhanced serum that was thought to cure her and now her sound-like powers are spiking in uncontrollable ways. Natalie (Tayler Buck) is also trying to find Matteo before her dad can apprehend him with the DOD. It’s not only a race against each other but possibly a race against how much time Peia has and the damage she can cause. The sterner side of John Henry continues to present itself as the father and daughter continue their feud about Matteo. Matteo, himself, is not a bad guy and isn’t even aware of the extent of his father’s activities and just wants his mom to be saved – which is exactly why Natalie needs to get him out of harm’s way. 

If that isn’t enough comic book-inspired anxiety, then there’s also anxiety that’s very grounded in realism as the Kents accompany Lois to her surgery. There is an emotional yet cool moment where Jordan gets his X-Ray vision in the form of a panic attack – not too different from how Clark would normally encounter his powers as a kid. Jordan also has a lot going on in this episode, especially between him and Sarah (Inde Navarrette). It’s a very CW way to keep the Langs involved, especially after how involved Kyle (Erik Valdez) has become in the grand scheme of things since he is now one of the few characters who knows who Clark is. 

Superman & Lois S3 Ep 11

That storyline easily takes a backseat to the later havoc that ensues in Metropolis thanks to Peia’s unstable powers. This isn’t just the last ten minutes of the episode like previous ones have structured their action scenes, but the whole second act of the episode. What ensues by the end is a great Superman moment that would absolutely look great in the panels of a comic book regardless of the era –it’s just a true character moment for him. 

John Henry Irons would be the last character you would expect to be in a sort of antagonistic role to Natalie. But it makes sense when it comes to the Romeo and Juliet she and Matteo have going on – which actually has been really enjoyable the past couple of episodes. They are always suited up in this episode, so you can bet we get some Steel action as well. Looking back on this season, John Henry really had a lot to deal with like rekindling his rivalry with Bruno and even making contact with his sister on this Earth who is deceased on his. The CW always had a unique take on Steel compared to his comic book origins. This is a Steel story that only they could’ve told. 

Superman & Lois S3 Ep 11

This version of Bruno Mannheim and his family also continue to be the most unique take on the character and it all comes to a climax here. Bruno is a cool villain because he has a stake in the main conflict with Peia – that obviously parallels Clark and Lois’ story here. It’s almost like the comparative story of how a law-abiding family and a rich and powerful family with tons of influence approach something as serious as a family member falling ill. In the end, it looks like one ends up on the run while the other receives care and surgery in a great facility. That’s one way of looking at it. However, Intergang is down but not out in a major way judging by the end scene before the credits. 

Superman & Lois S3 Ep 11, “Complications” is a much-needed conclusion to a feud that feels like it has dragged on for just one too many episodes. It may not end in the traditional comic book sense, but it does in a way that makes perfect sense for the Man of Steel. With just two more episodes left in the season and a long-awaited appearance that has yet to happen, this very well could be the last chapter in the Mannheim and Onomatopoeia saga.  

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