DC Shop Releases New Superman T-Shirt Designs

The DC Shop’s Superman collection has releases featuring all the different incarnations of Superman across all media starting with his debut. Even his villains have been getting exclusive merch releases here. Now, Val-Zod, the Superman of Earth-2, Krypto The Superdog and Bugs Bunny are the latest characters from the lexicon to get some exclusive apparel.

It’s tough to pull off alternate Superman suits, but the white highlights and simple red where it used to be yellow substitutions make it work. Val-Zod is featured on both hoodies and tee shirts in black, red, and white. The hoodie also has an exclusive blue version. The tee shirt sells for $25 while the hoodie goes for $40. The artist’s name isn’t given, but the shirts and hoodies feature some new artwork of Val-Zod. Only one is him really in an action pose as he takes off. The other featured illustrations on the apparel have him in benevolent and sensitive poses more focused on the gentler side of him. It’s a great representation of his character as a Zod with the heart of an El.

If cover references are your thing, there are also some excellent Looney Tunes recreations and spins on classic Superman covers, these include;

  • Action Comics #1 featuring Taz lifting that classic green car
  • Superman #9 featuring Bugs as Superman
  • Superman #32 featuring Tweety Bird as Superman
  • Superman #57 featuring Bugs and Lola Bunny as Superman and Lois Lane

Not only that but the entire cast of Looney Tunes make an appearance in their Superman costumes for the Truth, Justice, and Better Tomorrow shirt. Here, you can really see how each character uniquely fits into the suit or makes it their own –extra points to Tweety, Porky, and Daffy for split curls. These designs have been used on other Looney Tunes and Superman merch along with items for WB 100. These are available as t-shirts in multiple colours and also crew sweatshirts varying from $25.00 – $30.00.

Ever wonder about Krypto the Superdog’s family? DC actually revealed a good bit of his family tree in a Silver Age issue of Superboy. Now, those very panels can be worn with the new exclusive Krypto lineage shirt from the DC Shop with one of the more unique and niche releases in the Superman collection.

1966’s Superboy #126 told the stories about Krypto’s paternal side –his father Zypto who had the ability to fly with wings, his grandfather Nypto who was a giant, and great grandfather Vypto who possibly had a genius-level intellect. It also seems that they were a greyhound, dalmatian, and golden retriever respectively.

The front of the exclusive tee features the teaser panels they were first featured in in all their retro, Silver Age glory. The back of the shirt features a sort of family tree diagram of them leading up to Krypto at the trunk. The shirt only comes in black and sells for $30.00.

DC Shop

All of the above designs are now available from the DC Shop website.

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