Kneel Before Zod #3 Preview

Kneel Before Zod #3 is on sale Tuesday 5th March and here is a preview of the covers and interior pages.

The issue is written by Joe Casey, the main cover is by Jason Shawn Alexander, with variants by Lucio Parrillo and Mirko Colak. Here’s a look at the covers:

The interior art is by Dan McDaid, with colours by David Baron and letters by Troy Peteri. Here’s a look at the preview pages:

Here is the official synopsis from DC

KNEEL BEFORE…URSA! Palace intrigue infects the House of Zod as war comes to New Kandor! What kind of chaos is wrought when alien invaders unleash their secret failsafe weapon? Who will survive? Who will die? You can’t afford to miss this major turning point in the cataclysmic cosmic saga of Zod!

Kneel Before Zod #3 is on sale Tuesday 5th Marc and is available from your local comic store.

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