REVIEW: Superman #13

Superman #13, “House of Brainiac Part 2: Last Sons” is aptly titled as Superman and Lobo team up in this epic crossover with ‘Action Comics’. With The Main Man involved, you know the story’s going to be one heck of a ride.  

The standard cover, by Rafa Sandoval and Alejandro Sanchez, connects to their work on ‘Action Comics’ #1064. Half of a battle ready Superman adorns the foreground as Kara and Natasha fight against a horde of Czarnians in the background. Possibly a reveal to a new evolution of Brainiac looms even further in the background giving us a taste of the threats yet to come from this story.

REVIEW: Superman #13

Sebastian Fiumara’s variant is the only other one featuring Brainiac. Seemingly imprisoned in one of Braniac’s vats, a determined Superman looks out as a shadowy visage of Brainiac glares from behind. It’s a great rendition of the iron will and tenacity Clark possesses as the image has him obviously beaten but not giving up.

REVIEW: Superman #13

Being a fan of the menagerie of Kryptonian animals within Superman’s lore, I’d be remiss not to highlight the Ape-ril Fools’ variant by Maria Wolf and Mike Spicer. Showcasing one of Superman’s classic feats of strength, Beppo the Supermonkey gleefully shatters a set of chains that was wrapped around him. They even use the Golden Age yellow background to add to the timeless feel of this cover.

REVIEW: Superman #13

Lee Bermejo, Jerry Gaylord, Alan Quah, and the legendary Jim Lee with FCO Plascencia also contribute fantastic variants to this issue.

Artist Rafa Sandoval and Colorist Alejandro Sanchez also take on the interior art for this crossover. Having two books a month to produce doesn’t seem to diminish their high quality of work in the least. Their art is just fantastic as we’re taken from Earth, through space, and into Brainiac’s ship all in one issue. Of course any good appearance of Lobo in a Superman comic has to have them fight and the sequence Sandoval and Sanchez gives us not only makes sense for the story but is also pretty fun. It’s safe to say this art team is perfectly suited for the scale and scope of this story.

Joshua Williamson, lettered by Ariana Maher, doesn’t skip a beat for Part 2 of The House of Brainiac in ‘Superman’ #13. Thinking Lobo has had a hand in Brainiac’s recent abductions, Superman confronts The Main Man with very little patience or restraint. Quickly realizing Lobo isn’t part of his nefarious scheme, Clark then manages to recruit the bounty hunter for help. Meanwhile on Brainiac’s ship, the captives discover it’s operated by various versions of Brainiacs from different time periods. 

Through clever use of dialogue, Williamson reveals a little more of Brainiac’s goal this time around and reinforces this isn’t going to be a typical Brainiac story. There’s just enough of everything in this issue to keep you wanting more without feeling like there’s unnecessary filler. Much like recent stories running through the Superman family of books, we’re getting another fresh take with an unpredictable outcome featuring well established villains in Superman’s rogues gallery. What a time to be a Superman fan!

(10/10) An absolutely stellar book from start to finish. I’ve actually read it several times to make sure I wasn’t just swept up in the excitement of the possibilities this crossover has to offer and every read through left me feeling the same way in the same scenes. It’s just that good.

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