DC Shop Drops Superman Classic Cover Collection And More For Superman Day

The DC Shop was busy for this year’s Superman Day on April 18 commemorating the release of Action Comics #1 86 years ago in 1938. The Superman section of the shop now includes the newly released classic cover apparel collection and some more Man of Steel releases in time for the anniversary. 

The classic cover collection includes Action Comics #1, Superman #6, and Action Comics #266. Action Comics #1 needs no introduction. The $6 million comic book cover is now available on both t-shirts and crewneck sweatshirts black, blue, and white in all Joe Shuster’s vintage glory. 

Shuster and Paul Henry Cassidy’s Superman #6 cover may seem like a random one, but this was one of the first times that Superman is shown in his traditional pose, by one of his original creators no less. The story within the pages featured Lois Lane being framed for murder, so Clark must work to clear her name. This T-shirt is available in cyan, yellow, and grey. 

Action Comics #266 from 1960 still saw Jerry Siegel writing the stories. The cover features the whole Superfamily at the time –Superman, Supergirl, Streaky, and Krypto. Stories for this issue see Superman taking on Amazons from another planet and the titular story featuring Clark, Kara, and their superpets. This T-shirt comes in blue, silver, and white. All classic cover t-shirts are $25.00 while the Action Comics #1 crewneck is $35.00. 

Other great new Superman merch includes the Welcome to Smallville design that incorporates design elements from classic American postcards. The country road leading down the Kent farm lane with Superman in the background sky really does have that Americana feel it goes for. There are tons of color options for this t-shirt in navy, terracotta, butter, ivory, and white for $32.00. The same design is also available for coffee mugs for $15.00 as well as a long-sleeve variant for $35.00. 

Daily Planet coffee mugs are also available for $15.00, so you can drink your morning joe like the reporters in Metropolis do with all the proper branding. Superman’s emblem may change a little over time, but the Daily Planet has always been that iconic globe. 

Superman silver logos are also available on black and white t-shirts and raglan shirts. This one could really be only done in black and white to get that Return of Superman feel where he returns in the rejuvenation-based black suit. Absorb the sun’s power with these shirts for $25.00. 

There’s absolutely a novelty of working out in the same place that Superman does, and the Metropolis Atheltic Department crewneck is all for that. It’s a simple design that doesn’t rely a lot on visuals, but everyone’s mind goes to Superman when they see “Metropolis.” This crewneck comes in black, navy, maroon, forest, indigo, and military for $40.00. 

If you want to get your hands on the new Superman merchandise, head over the DC Shop website!

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