Gong Studio Starts Pre-Orders For Kingdom Come Superman Figure

One of Superman’s most iconic battles was with one of his greatest allies, Shazam (then called Captain Marvel), in Mark Waid and Alex Ross’ Kingdom Come. Asia-based toymaker Gong Studio have released a 1/12 scale figure of Superman, based on his appearances by Alex Ross.

There are tons of Kingdom Come Superman figures out there and this one definitely ranks among the highest in terms of looks alone. The older Kal-El is given a felt suit and cape with the shield that inspired James Gunn’s Superman. Mezco made a similar Superman figure that this one goes nicely with. The figure with 20 points of articulation also comes with an interchangeable head and two more pairs of hands. The head mold, without a doubt, uses the cover of Kingdom Come as a reference with the somber look of the older Superman being brought to 3-D life. It’s likely the figure will also come with a posing stand.

The Gong Studio Kingdom Come Superman figure is available for pre-order now from online retailers going anywhere from $84 to $89 and is set to ship out within the next three months. 

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