PureArts Release SDCC Exclusive Black And White Superman Statue For SDCC

PureArts is known for its premium-quality statues and collectibles from comics, video games, and movies. Some of these figures can cost as much as $800 or as low as $80. Thankfully, this new Superman statue is one of the more budget-friendly releases, especially for a SDCC exclusive.

From the DC Heroes line comes the 1:8 scale black and white Superman statue. Collectors that have a space for figures and statues that emphasize comic artists and illustrators will love this one. Based on John Byrne’s Man of Steel miniseries, this 12” statue has all the proper inking of a Bronze Age comic book just how Byrne did it.

PureArts’ DC Heroes Superman

Every part of the PureArts’ DC Heroes Superman figure has this texture, even the back which the cape is gracefully sculpted as blowing over. While he may look noseless and mouthless from afar, They’re there – just not shaded because they wouldn’t be. This statue uses the same mold as PureArts’ regular Superman release with full colors. Pre-orders of that one are expected to ship out this month. The base and smoke effects are once again included. This time, the smoke is left white rather than colored blue, which does look better.

PureArts’ DC Heroes Superman Black and White Version 1:8 scale statue is available for pre-order from their website for $84.99 and is expected to ship out in September.

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