Post-Credit Scenes for Justice League Released

It’s safe to say that there are mixed reviews on Justice League. Some DC fans love it, some hated it, and some feel that the director, Zack Snyder was betrayed by Warner Bro’s after Joss Whedon took over, re-shot and cut many of his original scenes. Key scenes at that.

With that said, there are incredible scenes, that didn’t manage to make the cut. Snyder confirmed via Vevo that he directed, wrote and shot them, after a follower of his asked a rather sarcastic and leading question.

But what we did get, are two awesome post-credit scenes.

First up, you had the mid-credits scene – A race between Superman and The Flash.

I loved the light-heartedness of it, and the humour, they are both one of the quickest heroes around and they are both so confident in themselves, its perfect. Both Ezra Miller and Henry Cavill represent perfect casting of their characters, and this scene is something that DC fans have always wanted to know, who is faster? The Man of Steel, or The Fastest Man Alive? Snyder brought us this quick teaser, straight from a comic book – DC Limited Collectors Edition C-48. But of course, we have to wait to find out who won! My bets are on Superman…

comic book - DC Limited Collectors Edition C-48
DC Limited Collectors Edition C-48 Superman Vs The Flash

Then, after we sat through some more credits, we got the final and the most important scene. The Return of Lex Luthor and Introduction to Deathstroke.

This scene hinted the next steps for the Justice League and what their future problems behold. This is the beginning of The Injustice League, who are the Super-villain counterpart to our heroes of justice. In the comic series there are twenty known members of the Injustice League, is this a hint as to which villains could be featured in upcoming DC projects?

The Injustice League
The Injustice League

Members of The Injustice League include; Lex Luthor, Deathstroke, Agamemno, Black Manta, Chronos, Catwoman, Doctor Light, Felix Faust, Mister Element, Penguin, Sinestro, Joker, Key, Bane, Bizarro, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Two-Face and Reverse-Flash.

With the upcoming Aquaman solo film, Black Manta is a huge possibility and there have been stills from the film itself, which feature Jason Momoa facing a Black Manta shaped/coloured figure. Now, we have seen that the Green Lanterns are or have been around, so it’s only a matter of time before we get our Green Lantern – Hal Jordan, which makes Sinestro seem very likely to happen at some point. We have also already seen The Joker and Harley Quinn, in Suicide Squad, and they have proved very popular, so there is every chance that the two could appear in upcoming DC films.

With that said, we have also been teased with an image of Snyder’s storyboards which featured Darkseid, which was cut from the recent Justice League film…WHY?! I hear you say, I do not know. They could be fake storyboards, or the real deal. Either way I would LOVE to see him hit the big screen, along with Bizarro too.

Another new DC release…. the variant covers of Action Comics #1000 –  click here to read!

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