World of Krypton #1 reprint released for TV series Krypton

DC Comics’ latest TV Series – Krypton – has been building tremendous hype since it was announced, especially for DCTV fans and in particular, Superman fans. The series revolves around Seg-El (played by Cameron Cuffe) and acts as a prequel to the story of the Kryptonian we all know and love – Kal-El. For those that aren’t familiar with that name, Seg-El is Superman’s grandfather, and the plot of the story will revolve around the House of El family, which I am extremely excited to see more of.

Since it’s announcement, we have seen a teaser trailer and character posters, which include the infamous villain of Superman – Brainiac. Who I must say, looks incredible and extremely comic accurate.

Krypton's Brainiac
Krypton – Brainiac – Blake Riston

We have also seen Superman’s cape within the teaser trailer which acts as a huge Easter egg for the show! It suggests that there will be some sort of time-travelling/jumping, which could lead to more Superman homages and references. This leads me to think that Seg-El will be fighting to protect his future Grandson, Kal-El.

Superman Cape - Krypton TV Series - Cameron Cuffe
Superman Cape – Krypton TV Series – Cameron Cuffe

In the latest announcement, the cast of Krypton have released and shared that there will be a reprint of the first issue of the comic series “World of Krypton” released in 1987.

The newest cover of the first issue, will be released on March 14th from local comic shops for FREE, as a marketing promotion to the series premiere, which will come to our screens on 21st March on the SYFY channel.

As a Superman fan, I am very excited to see his story and history of Krypton told, and by the looks of it we are in for a treat! Stay tuned for what I think about the first ever episode on 21st March!

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  1. I hope this series does well. Having Seg-El (known in the Bronze Age of comics as Jor-El I) in an Earth style zippered leather jacket and Adam Strange in a hoodie and ballcap bothers me, but I’m hoping that this is just out of context.

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