Alex Ross reveals Action Comics #1 Lithograph ahead of issue #1000

The incredible artist that is, Alex Ross has revealed a tribute to Action Comics #1 with this stunning lithograph. Alex Ross is one of my favourite comic artists of all time, his work is unbelievable, and I, like many others would do anything to get a piece of his artwork.

In a team up with SYFY Wire, Alex Ross will be announcing numerous goodies for us geeks to relish on and buy. What can we expect of this collaboration I hear you ask? Well, we are in for a number of limited edition variant covers, signed posters and even more lithographs.

The first announcement, is this incredible homage to Action Comics #1 – “More Powerful Than a Locomotive.”

Alex Ross - Action Comics #1 Lithograph Collaboration with SYFY Wire
Alex Ross – Action Comics #1 Lithograph Collaboration with SYFY Wire

I absolutely love this, I love the colours, the detailing, just everything and I would love to add this piece to my collection. Especially with the contrast of the colours used in comparison to the original. This piece is a great way to celebrate Supes’ 80th birthday! Here you can see Ross talking about the classic Superman, that we all know and love;

The lithograph is signed by the man himself, Alex Ross, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. It will have a limited release at C2E2, which takes place on 6th April 2018, in Chicago and will be limited to just 10 pieces. A further 10 pieces will be available online at this time, with a full online release on 18th April, in line with the original #1 release date at a price of $195.00.

Fans who want to secure a copy can add themselves to the waiting list here. It’s safe to say, I am already a part of that online queue and I am praying I can get my hands on one ahead of Action Comics #1000!

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