Henry Cavill in talks for Man of Steel 2

Henry Cavill (Superman in Man of Steel) appeared at CinemaCon 2018 earlier this week to promote his new film – Mission Impossible: Fallout. It was there that press took the opportunity to ask about Man of Steel 2, his contract with Warner Brothers, and if we can expect to see him don a red cape anytime soon.

Superman fans worldwide are screaming out for a sequel to Man of Steel. For many Superman fans, including myself – it is THE best portrayal of the Man of Steel we have had and I, among many others would love to see Cavill return.

In an interview with Collider he says that he has already had conversations with certain people behind the scenes to make a direct sequel Man of Steel. Cavill states that he has a lot of Superman stories that he wants to tell, and he has been talking about these ideas to a director that he has a close relationship with. You can see his exact answers and reactions below.

It is known that Cavill has a good relationship with two directors – Guy Ritchie and Christopher McQuarrie. McQuarrie later revealed in an interview with ComicBook.com that he, is in fact someone that has had talks about a Man of Steel sequel with Cavill.

“We had a lot of time hanging out on set, and Henry’s a huge fan of Superman. I can’t help but talk story to people, so he told me his take on Superman and I thought it was really great, and I gave him my two cents. The tweet you’re referring to is somebody asked ‘Would you do it?’ and I said ‘Hey, they know where to find me.’ Nobody’s asked, but you know…” 

It is already speculated that Superman will appear in DC’s upcoming film – Shazam! Personally, I think it will happen, a lot of the Shazam stories feature the Man of Steel, and both Cavill and Zachary Levi have been ‘bonding’ via social media – which is teasing us fans! He also told ComicBook.com that he couldn’t talk about it, which indicates there is something to tell…

Henry Cavill and Zachary Levi - Shazam, Superman

It is clear that Henry is a huge Superman fan, just like the rest of us. He wants more Superman and he wants to give his fans more, and I absolutely love that. He confirms that he still has one more film in his contract, so we know we can expect to see him as the Man of Steel at least once more. With that being said, he wants to remain Superman for as long as he can, and his fans are with him on that. If you’re listening Warner Brothers – YOU NEED TO EXTEND THIS MANS’ CONTRACT! He is the perfect Superman, off and on-screen.

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