New Zealand Mint Releases Silver Action Comics #1 Cover Replica

In honor of Superman’s 80th anniversary, New Zealand Mint have released another beautiful collection piece of Action Comics #1. We have seen several stunning renditions of the Action Comics #1 cover, including a print by Alex Ross, but this is gorgeous. I love seeing new and exclusive collectibles, but man – does it dent my bank account!

This time we are blessed with a collaboration between DC Comics and The New Zealand Mint, to bring us a replica of the Action Comics #1 cover in silver. The cover is made from 35g of silver and is the perfect homage to the most valuable and expensive comic books of all time.

Action Comics #1 Silver Cover - New Zealand Mint

The replica is full sized, and incorporates engraving and colour, which gives off a magnificent affect. It also comes with a certificate of authenticity and an acrylic holder for display. To keep it safe, it also comes with a complimentary carrier – which is a huge deal for those collectors that like to keep their items in pristine condition, AKA me. It’s safe to say that this stunning piece, is the perfect addition to any Superman or Comic Book collection.

Action Comics #1 Silver Cover - New Zealand Mint

This piece is part of a “Pure Silver Foil Collection”, where rare comic books covers will be recreated – which means there are more to be announced. I’m hoping we get to see a Wonder Woman one! And considering the original cover of Action Comics #1 is worth over $3 million, this is a great alternative for collectors. The cover is priced at $130.00 and is available to order now!

For more information, and to order yours now – head to The New Zealand Mint site here now!

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