The Adventures of a Superman Collector

As you may know from one of my previous posts, I did a short interview as a Superman collector for BBC Midlands. It’s safe to say, it got a lot more views and responses than I was expecting. As a result of that, I was asked to do a brief interview on the BBC Georgey Tonight radio show. During the show I went head to head against Marco Zorzin, a fellow Superman collector who holds the current Guinness World Record for The Largest Superman Collection. For those that want to find out a little more about the BBC Midlands interview, you can see my experience as a collector and the video itself, here.

BBC Georgey Tonight

In my previous post, I promised that I would keep you all in the loop as to where this goes. So here you go…

Since then, the same video has been featured across several sites around the world and reached over 232K views on the original video alone. As a collector it’s lovely to see the video has been shared so much and that reputable sites have taken the opportunity to do the same. Below are a few links for you!
The Superman Homepage – –
Daily Planet Chile –

In addition to this, I was also asked to do an interview with DC World, called confessions of a DC geek. This was great fun to do and it was great just to be asked, I presume because there aren’t many Superman Collector’s out there! You can read into my love for Superman a little more and some of my other favourite DC characters, here.

In honour of Superman’s 80 anniversary and the release of Action #1000, Channel 5 News got in touch with me! They wanted a Superman fan to give their take on what Superman meant to them as part of their tribute to the Man of Steel. This was the first time I was on TV and I was so, so nervous! I apologise for the quality of the video, but I had to record it from the TV!

It’s been a great little journey so far, and I will keep you posted with every update that I have.

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