First Look at the Justice League Waxworks at Madame Tussauds

Following the announcement of the latest exhibit at Madame Tussauds Orlando – Justice League: A Call For Heroes, the stars of the film have given us a sneak peak at their waxwork doubles.

Henry Cavill was the first to post a video of his extraordinary waxwork, which portrays him as Superman from his role in Man of Steel. But what makes this waxwork so extraordinary? It actually moves! I think this is actually one of the first exhibits at Madame Tussauds that feature a moving waxwork. Guests are required to join Henry, or should I say Kal-El in a kneeling position to help a lift a falling helicopter! Since Henry posted the first look on social media, it has received almost 1 million views, and it’s safe to say it is one of the most realistic waxworks I have ever seen. You can take a look at the original post, and of course the exclusive first-look here!

In addition to this, Wonder Woman herself – Gal Gadot, also released a first-look at her incredibly fierce double via social media. Although, Gal’s waxwork doesn’t move, it is still wonderful. Especially with the special effects in place to show off the power of The Bracelets of Submission in her famous pose. This is the first time that Wonder Woman has been introduced in any Madame Tussauds attraction.

Although Ben Affleck, hasn’t yet posted the first look at his Batman waxwork, I do have a little treat for you! Here is the first look at The Dark Knight at the attraction, along with a replica of the Bat-Signal that was used in the film. By the looks of it, he is mid-jump from building to building, which really encases the action and thrill of the exhibit!

Batman - Madame Tussauds Orlando

Based on their reactions so far, it is clear that all involved are honored to have their characters celebrated. It’s not every character/actor/artist that gets recreated in wax, so it truly is an incredible milestone for them. As a fan, I am ecstatic that the Justice League is being recognised and praised, I cannot wait to pay this exhibit a visit!

The Justice League: A Call for Heroes Madame Tussauds experience is set to open to the public on 25th May 2018 in Orlando. The experience is the first of its kind, as Madame Tussauds brings us an immersive attraction, featuring stellar special effects and an interactive mission. If you have the opportunity to visit before Friday 1st June, you can get up close and personal with the REAL Batmobile used in the film! You better act quick! Check out the official website to book and plan your visit!

Batmobile - Justice League - Madame Tussauds

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