Secret Identity: The Origin of Superman

Secret Identity: The Origin Of Superman is perfect for any Superman fan. It revolves around the most influential and iconic superhero of all time. As a hardcore collector, I am keen to see Superman in the limelight as much as possible. Whether it’s in a book, a comic, a tv series or a film, if its Superman – I’m there.

And that was when I heard about a documentary film being made. I had been following Rob Montague (@latemorningfilms) for a while on Instagram, and then I saw a few posts of him at a Superman exhibition, and I asked where it was. That’s when he told me he was making a documentary on Superman and his creators and he sent a few images of the concept art – which was stunning.

 secret identity the origin of superman - latemorning films

Now that more detail has come out about the film, along with its marketing campaign which started 5th May – I can tell you a little bit more.

Secret Identity: The Origin of Superman will tell the story of Superman’s creators – Jerry Seigel and Joe Shuster. The pair were immigrants who created arguably the most iconic characters of all time. The film will delve into their past and life right up until the night that my favourite character was created. Not only will it tell as story about his creators, but it will also show his impact 80 years on, along with the legacy that they built. Their story will be told through traditional documentary style along with animated narrative by the fantastic Kyle Harlan, and music by Michael Serifert and Pete Horner. Here is the official fundraiser video to give you an idea of what the film is all about and what you can expect.

The film is not-for-profit and all proceeds will be donated to charity, so please help support this fantastic film! I for one, cannot wait to see what comes of it and it is amazing to see an independent film being made about Superman and especially his creators. Seigel and Shuster, although they created such a famous and successful character, tend to get forgotten, as do many other creators, so it is nice to see the limelight on them. It is clear to see that all of those working on this film are passionate about the subject, and I think they will most definitely do them proud.

You can help support this film by making a donation to help them get the resources they need to make this happen. If you can’t do that, then please just share away and raise the awareness of it, that’s all it takes! Below are the links to their social media accounts, so please give them a follow:

For more information on the film and to donate, please go to: 





It’s safe to say I am very excited for this film to come out, and I cannot thank the creators enough for making this happen! If you are a Superman fan, I’m sure you will think the same about this too.

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