REVIEW – Krypton S1-E10: The Phantom Zone

So, this is it, series one of Krypton is now over but S1 E10 was incredible. But wow, what an incredible pilot series to kick off a new DC TV franchise with. The twists, turns, acting, special effects, EVERYTHING has been absolutely fantastic and I was very excited to see what the finale would bring us.

As Brainiac takes the final steps towards his plan of bottling Kandor, the divided team are against the clock to stop him. Some attempt to attack and defeat him, some try to bargain with him, and some try to deceive him. The question really is who will prevail? Will Strange finally save Superman? And what is the fate of Kandor City?

Brainiac - Krypton Episode 10 - The Phantom Zone

Again, there are lots more revelations that come to light in this episode. Firstly the return of a key character and potential savior of Krypton, but upon his return he brings terrible news about the fate of Krypton. Not to mention the story of his return shows a deceptive and conniving side of one of my favourite characters – Dru-Zod as we slowly see him turning into the villain we are very familiar with. With that being said, there are also a lot of things that haven’t been explained. For example, who was the girl Adam Strange was talking to?And where was Jayna-Zod and her newly resurrected brother? I’m guessing these are things that will be explained in the second series… But I would have liked to see them brought to light.

The acting is on point throughout, especially Cameron Cuffe, Colin Salmon, Georgina Campbell and Wallis Day. They go through some incredible changes and realisations in the episode. Cameron’s (Seg-El) performance is incredibly touching, as we see the return of a familiar face. Wallis (Nyssa) also shows an emotional side as Jax-Ur shows her the truth about what she is. Georgina (Lyta-Zod) has serious doubts about herself and the choices she has made in the fight against Brainiac. And Colin’s (Dru-Zod) performance throughout the series has almost embodied two separate characters – the transformation has been fantastic and you would have never have guessed this would be in store for Krypton.

 krypton kneel before zod

Although the special effects through the series has been stellar, this episode really takes it onto another level. We finally see Brainiac’s ship and everything about it is incredibly terrifying. The detail is fantastic, and it is extremely comic accurate which is awesome to see. We get a striking shot of the ship shadowing and lurking over Kandor, ready to bottle it up. Not to mention we also get a glimpse of the entry/exit process of The Phantom Zone itself and it doesn’t disappoint! For a TV series, Krypton really sets the bar.

Krypton - Brainiac Ship

Though this is the final episode of the series, Krypton has now been renewed for a second series! What fantastic news! All we know is that we can expect to see two of the most notorious Superman villains in power and on the loose and it will be released in 2019! I’d like to take the opportunity to thank SYFY, the creators of Krypton and also the stars of Krypton to bringing the planet to life again. It’s safe to say I have lots and lots of questions!

Krypton Renewed for series 2

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