REVIEW: Krypton S2-E4 – Danger Close

Krypton S2-E4 is finally here and this series is doing some SPECTACULAR things! Unfortunately I have only just been able to catch up (personal life got in the way), but I am back and ready to review each and every episode going forwards. Now, first of all I had a lot to catch up on, three episodes in fact! But I caught up just in time for episode four. What a series so far?! Now, before I go into my thoughts about episode four, I wanted to go through a few of my thoughts for the first three episodes.

One thing I did love, was how they portrayed The Phantom Zone. It is SO rare that we get to see what life is like within it, we usually just see people being banished there or small glimpses of it. This really shows how harrowing and messed up it can be.

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Cast wise, they have grown so much! Their confidence is very clear to see, and I’m guessing that’s from the success of the first series! Personally I love seeing a cast grow, and each and every one of them have grown in some way, shape or form. Bravo to them!

My god, I forgot how good Blake Ritson is as Brainiac! The costume, his portrayal, the way he speaks, everything is just quintessential Brainiac! Speaking of villains, I ADORE LOBO! Emmett J Scanlan IS Lobo. He is brilliant, and actually he brings a load of much needed laughs to the series. I really hope we get to see a lot more of him throughout the series. I definitely have a new catchphrase – “Son of a Bastiche!”

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Now, for Krypton S2-E4.

Krypton S2-E4 focused all around relationships, alliances and betrayals. This episode was really quite emotional I thought, especially compared to the previous episodes which have been quite light-hearted in comparison. We have a loving reunion and first encounters between father and son, which both quickly turn to betrayal. Cameron Cuffe’s exchanges and interactions with his son and Lyta in this scene are both beautiful and heartbreaking. You can really see how her betrayal effects him emotionally, so much so that it is almost hard to watch.

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The series constantly teases Nyssa Vex’s betrayal in several ways, considerably through her body language when being spoken highly of. Wallis Day does a great job of bringing us these teases, whether it be little comments, or facial expressions within the scene. As she is now officially Zod’s informant in order to get her son back, it really is hard to tell what she is about to do next, and her acting skills just keep you guessing. Val really is the Pa Kent of the series, his words of wisdom really shine through and inspire not only the characters of the series, but also the viewers. He really was a highlight for me in this episode.

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Zod’s control is unruly. He really has done some awful things since his first introduction to the series. Back then you almost felt sorry for him, and thought he was here to do good – well of course not! He is well and truly living up to his name. Colin Salmon’s performance as Zod is incredible, even when he stoops to the lowest points you can see he does not suffer or indulge the consequences. The character development within the last few episodes, and in fact the first series has just been spectacular. Also the performances that go with it, seriously – hats off to the cast! Those that were once good, have now gone the polar opposite, and vise versa! It really is just unpredictable!

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The story really is coming together in Krypton S2-E4 already, and it is clear that we have a long way to go from now until the finale. There are so many things that need to be confirmed and uncovered. In some parts it did seem completely different, and almost looked like a different series when you compare it to the previous issues. Like I said they were more lighthearted and involved several different settings. But it certainly has the emotion, and really does build up the series.

Just like the first series, there are so many references to Man Of Steel – The Codex and Terraforming just to start. For me it is clear that the series writers and directors have taken inspiration from the film, you can also see similar set designs, shots and scenes. To me they look a lot like the Krypton that we saw in the opening sequence with Jor-El. There are also even some similarities to Batman V Superman… did that scene where the Rebellion face the Sagittari for the first time look familiar to you? Well, the colour pallette and location really reminded me of the Batman nightmare scene. Well that and perhaps also Mad Max. Yet again the score to the series is incredible, the music really heightens the experience for the viewer. From the romantic scenes to the tense and action packed scenes, it is clear that inspiration has come from Hans Zimmer.

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One thing I am so grateful to this series for is the fact that we get to learn just that little bit more about Kryptonian history. Previously comics and film adaptation focus around Earth, and Superman. We don’t get enough Krypton and “before” Superman, which is so damn refreshing.

This series is really on fire at the moment, and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Now that we’ve had a plethora of super villains…. A little bit more of Doomsday perhaps?

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