REVIEW – Krypton S1-E9: Hope

As Krypton S1 E9 makes its way to the final episode of the series, the action and plot twists are at an all time high.

In this episode we see an unusual combination of forces, as the people of Krypton attempt to take down the threat to their planet. During the team up conflicts within the group rise, as people are betrayed and relationships, along with family feuds grow. Plans to take down Brainiac clash and crumble as the group divide, awakening yet another and potentially worse threat to Krypton. Jax-Ur tortures Daron Vex into confessing what he did wrong along with the details about a top secret programme entitled; The Vira Protocol.

Colin Salmon and Georgina Campbell in Krypton (2018) - Doomsday

Although the Kryptonians are strong and powerful, we see a more human side to some in this episode. Seg mostly, whilst he is an El, he doubts himself, and the plan. He seeks comfort from his grandfather Val-El, who reminds him of the origin and meaning behind his family crest – hope. The music in the scene where he confesses his fears to Lyta, is incredible and beautiful. It really adds to the scene and has a great effect, you almost no longer look at the Kryptonians as godlike and superheroes, but you see them as a human, a lot like Clark.

We finally find out who Dru-Zod’s father is, I’ll be honest I wasn’t expecting that at all! I hope it isn’t just within the Krypton universe, but I hope it is the truth throughout – although we have never really seen it revealed. It would explain the constant rivalry and dynamics between General Zod and the Man of Steel. We also finally find out who the hooded figure is, who has been watching from afar in many scenes, which means that someone has gotten themselves an ally.

Krypton Episode 9

There are a lot of references and nods to Man of Steel in this episode, I’m sure there are more but I noticed a few. The dream sequence had a very Zack Snyder feel to it as Brainiac warned Seg of his plans on arrival. Similar to Zod’s explanation of how he would bring Krypton to Earth, Superman felt trapped as he fell into a pile of skulls, in this case Seg was about to be restrained by the villain. Another thing that reminded me of Man of Steel was the mysterious red beam that Rao used – it looked a lot like the World Engine from the film, but of course a different colour.

Brainiac Krypton

The stunts and special effects in this series are incredible. In this episode we see another Kandorian Duel, and my god – it is everything. It’s brutal, it’s exciting and empowering. Although it is entertaining, it is not the time to be fighting among themselves. The lighting is done so well, as it adds humongous effect to the scene where the combined forces attempt to take down Rao. The effects and costume make up are awesome, as we finally get a glimpse of Brainiac and his ship, it’s completely film worthy. This is THE best portrayal of Brainiac we have ever seen.

Blake Ritson in Krypton (2018) - Brainiac

This episode is action packed and whilst it answers many questions, it also throws some more in the mix. I have a prediction that Jax-Ur is Nyssa’s mother, but with just one episode left, there are a lot of characters and twists that haven’t quite been explained yet. This could make for a very busy finale, but an also very action packed one. I do hope that some of the secrets are left uncovered until series 2, it would be a huge shame for Superman fans if Krypton didn’t get renewed.

Can’t wait for the final episode? Check out the teaser trailer;

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