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I have eagerly awaited the release of the least Superman comic book, Man Of Steel #1! Since the announcement from DC that Bendis was going to take on my favourite hero, I’d spent a long time imagining what would come from it!

Man of Steel #1 - Brian Bendis

The cover is bold, brilliant and strong. I really think the colouring of the cover truly makes it stand out, it’s beautifully done. Classic Sinclair colouring, I am a huge fan of his and he never disappoints. I also love the fact that the rest of the Justice League are featured on the cover, those poses, those stances, it gives off a huge impact! But, although they are on the cover, they aren’t actually part of the story… YET, which was a little misleading – I was hoping to see Wonder Woman and all her glory in action!

The story is very much an introduction, if I’m honest, not a lot happens. But you can really see the story developing, along with the introduction of the key characters. Superman’s latest villain is introduced – Rogol Zaar – and so is his background and intentions for Krypton. Superman is busy being Superman, and he stumbles across several suspicious fires and believes that they may be something more. Later that night, Clark and his family are suddenly interrupted and startled by an unknown intruder –  but who is it?!

The artwork throughout is incredible! On the first page we see Krypton, and the artwork and colours on that page are mesmerizing. Reis & Prado, have done a great job! The artwork brings the story to life with its realism, it’s beautiful and eye-catching. And the colouring is exceptional, it perfectly captures the lightness and darkness within the scenes, which again adds to the realism. One thing that did get on my nerves a little… there are SO many adverts, it’s insane. There’s almost an advert every other page, and it is really off-putting when you’re reading. Rather than getting lost in the story, it seems like you are constantly interrupted.

Bendis has done a great job on encapsulating Superman, I love his confidence and sarcasm. It makes him real, brings him back to earth a little and I love that. To me, Superman’s look is very much like Dean Cain’s Superman – to me anyway. Especially the suit, the chest emblem in the comic is very close to the emblem we see in The Adventures of Lois & Clark. As Dean Cain is one of the first Superman’s I saw, it adds a great sentiment. Personality wise, Bendis has given Superman a bit of punch, with well fitted sarcasm and confidence, and I love that. With that in mind, Superman’s morality, ideas and demeanor remain stellar. No matter the situation, he doesn’t step a foot out of line nor does he allow it.

Dean Cain Superman

My favourite scene is where he warns a young girl of her language, whilst rescuing her from a blazing fire. Now that is the Superman I know and love.

Where I mentioned new characters, we meet the new Deputy Fire Chief, who like Lois, is a feisty, independent and strong woman. She seems very much Superman’s/Clark’s type and strangely enough, he doesn’t ask her to get in touch with Lois at The Daily Planet, he asks her to refer to him. There seems to be a flirtatious dynamic here, but although I don’t think it will be much more than that, I am intrigued as to where it will go.

Overall, this comic is a fantastic introduction to a new mini-series for Superman. I am excited to see where Bendis takes him and the story. I am instantly hooked, the story has all of the right features and it really does leave you wanting more. Now, I can’t wait until next week!

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  1. I must say, I really do enjoy your reviews. You can tell how invested you are and that makes it so much better. I can also see the resemblance to Dean Cain’s Superman too.

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