Alex Ross’ Origins: Superman Announced for SDCC 2018

Not only does Alex Ross have a booth at SDCC, but each and every year Alex Ross provides exclusive Superman prints, comics and artwork – it’s almost tradition! These exclusives feature a vast array of fandoms, from DC Comics to Marvel to Disney. There really is something for everyone, and they are all fantastic.

The first announcement for the 2018 con has now been announced and it’s SUPER! The piece is called Origins: Superman, which goes back to Superman’s roots with his birth, the destruction of Krypton, along with his launch to Earth. His landing on Earth when discovered by his parents Jonathan & Martha Kent. His discovery of his abilities and powers, and then of course, him now, his true self – Superman.

Alex Ross SDCC Exclusive Artwork - Origins: Superman

It is based on “Peace on Earth” – a DC Comics graphic novel, and it is stunning! The origin piece is matted lithograph, and is 14.5 inches x 15.5 inches, which is a great size for the price! It will be exclusively released at SDCC in July for first sale at just $50.00. Not bad for a piece of Alex Ross artwork ey?

Don’t panic! If you cannot attend the show (like me), you can join the wait-list for leftover inventory on his official site. But be quick, I’m sure thousands of others have done the same and this piece in particular is limited to just 500 pieces. I cannot wait to get my hands on this Superman SDCC exclusive by Alex Ross.

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