LEGO Releases DC Kingdom Come Set by Alex Ross for SDCC Exclusive

Lego have announced one of their exclusives for SDCC and it is brilliant, A Kingdom Come Lego Set. It comes just as the SDCC exclusives are starting to be released and we have seen quite a few fantastic ones already. As the event gets closer, more are being released and they are getting better with each announcement.

Although Lego have not posted this themselves, as I’m sure they are waiting for a big release and announcement a little closer to the event. We have been blessed with a sneak peak of what to expect from them, by none other than Alex Ross himself via Twitter.

Alex Ross is one of the writers and the artist for the hugely successful and popular graphic novel – Kingdom Come. This incredible Lego set is based from that very comic, and includes figurines of key characters from the story-line. Those figurines include; The Spectre, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Norman McCay, The Flash, Batman, and of course Superman.

The set is stunning, I myself tend to collect a lot of DC Comics themed Lego, and this is just the icing on the cake! Superman’s look within this story line and even in the Lego figure is one of my favourites of all time. I really hope that we don’t only just get to see this in Lego format, but I hope we get to see it on the big screen!

Now, there has been no official statement from Lego, Alex Ross or SDCC to confirm that the Kingdom Come Lego set is an exclusive sold at the con. But in the post that Alex Ross tweeted the hashtag “#SDCC” is used, which is a bit of a clue! Not to mention, Alex Ross and Lego are exhibiting at the event themselves, so it would be a great opportunity there. With that said, I’m sure there will be more details announced on when it will be released and also the price too!

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