Full list of Superman themed SDCC exclusives

SDCC 2018 is just three days away and I am lucky enough to be attending by first ever SAN DIEGO COMIC CON. I am so very excited!

I’ve heard it’s best to prepare, so I have done just that. I have created a schedule of panels that interest me, a list of core exhibitors I want to see and guests from Artist Alley I want to meet. With all the preparation, I thought I may as well see what Superman exclusives this years’ con had to offer. So, here is a full list of every Superman themed exclusive available, the prices, where and how to get them. I hope to add each and every one to my collection, but we will see how I get on!

Superman 80th Anniversary Twin-Pack Vinimates by Diamond Select Toys

The figures come boxed in a full colour window box and are limited to just 1,500 pieces at a retail price of $20.00. They are available from the Diamond Select stand at booth #2607 or, if you can’t make SDCC you can pre-order yours from Entertainment Earth. They will start shipping after the convention in August, you can read more about the details here. I think these are absolutely brilliant, and I love how they are representing two completely different eras of Supes!

Superman Diamond Select Toys SDCC 2018 Exclusive.

Superman “Critter” by Geeky Hooker

These are adorable! But getting them may seem harder than you think… Geeky Hooker offers a “critter hunt” every year at SDCC. Superman isn’t the only prize up for grabs, there are plenty of unique and fantastic designs for any fandom. But of course, this ones my favourite. For more details about the hunt, and how you can get your hands on one of these, check out Geeky Hookers’ site!

Geeky Hooker Justice League Critters

Kal-El: The Last Son of Krypton by Alex Ross 

Alex Ross has gone to town on his SDCC exclusives, and they are all brilliant! Now, this one is a little pricey, I’ll admit, but it is gorgeous. This piece is limited to 50 pieces and each one is signed by the man himself – Alex Ross. These will be available from the Alex Ross Art booth #2415 and cost $395.00. People who cannot attend are encouraged to join the waiting list.

Alex Ross - Kal-El: The Last Son of Krypton

Origins: Superman by Alex Ross

I wasn’t kidding… Alex Ross’ next exclusive is a slightly more affordable one. This piece is limited to 500 pieces, so you stand a much better chance at getting one. Unfortunately, this one isn’t signed, but you can read more about the piece here.  Again, this will be available from the Alex Ross Art booth #2415 and cost $50.00. People who cannot attend are encouraged to join the waiting list.

Alex Ross SDCC Exclusive Artwork - Origins: Superman

Action Comics #1000 Variant Signed by Neal Adams

Although the 1000th issue is not exclusive to SDCC, Neal Adams will be there signing them as a treat to us! I myself am on a hunt for all of the variant covers for this issue and this is one of the last I have left to get. These are available from Neal Adams’ booth #815 and can be bought for $60.00.

Neal Adams Action Comics #1000 Variant Cover

Superhero Ghost Pins by Fugitive Toys

These are adorable, but for what they are – rather expensive. But, not only do you get a Superman pin, you also get the rest of the Justice League. The pins come as a 5-pack, I haven’t seen anything about individual pins up for sale, though there might be. These cute little pins are available from the Fugitive Toys booth, which is #601 and are yours for $50.00 for the set.

Fugitive Toys Superman Justice League Pins SDCC exclusive

DC Comics: Anatomy of a Metahuman Book

Although this isn’t purely Superman, it does feature him on the cover and I’m sure he will be a predominate subject within it. The artwork in this is stunning, and it is just a unique and amazing idea. You can get your hands on this from the Insight Editions booth, which is #3721, along with an exclusive poster which they are giving away for free. I haven’t seen the pricing for the book at SDCC, but I do know the price in the UK. For those that cannot attend SDCC the book is ready for pre-order on Amazon in the UK for £35.00 and I’m sure worldwide, here.

DC Comics: Anatomy of a Metahuman Book SDCC

DC Comics Variant Covers: Complete Visual History

Another one from Insight Editions, not only are they offering out the above book and poster, there is another up for grabs. With every purchase, they are giving away a free poster, not just the above one. But a DC Comics Variant Cover one, which features the Justice League on the cover! The poster features the incredible art of Neal Adams, who I am hoping to get to see!

dc comics variant covers the complete visual history poster

SDCC Convention Bags & Exclusive Pins

This year, Warner Brothers’ have teamed up with SDCC to provide the free swag bags. Not only that but they are also including an exclusive pin to go with it! There are plenty of WB characters to choose from, including Superman and the latest TV series – Krypton. The bags will be given out on entry to all SDCC attendees along with one pin. I’m sure there will also be plenty of them that make it onto eBay after the show! Which one will you get?

First up we have the Bendis’ Man of Steel #1 cover by Reis, Pradi & Sinclair:

SDCC Exclusive Warner Brothers Bag - Man of Steel Superman

Second, the Krypton bag:

Warner Brothers SDCC Exclusive Bag - Krypton, Superman

Then, the Superman pin:

SDCC Exclusive Warner Brothers DC Comics Superman Pin

SDCC Convention Centre Chocolate Bar

Even the convention centre itself has gotten into the swing of things! This year they are selling geek themed chocolate bars and one is a perfect but deadly nod to Superman. KRYPTONITE! The Kryptonite bars are Dark Chocolate in flavour with green popping candy rocks inside. Not only is the packaging great, they are actually green! They are priced at $5.00 each and will be on sale at the San Diego Convention Centre Con-Fections stand which is just next to Ballroom 20.

Kryptonite Chocolate Bar at SDCC

Kryptonite Chocolate Bar at SDCC

Action Comics #1000 Jim Lee Foil Cover

Again, this isn’t a SDCC exclusive cover, BUT it is the first time you can purchase this particular cover! Although it is the same cover that was first released, this is the silver foil edition. I haven’t seen this anywhere in stores, but I know DC Comics sent these to members of the press during the #1000 promo. The issue are $25.00 each and are available from Graffiti Designs both #2314, which is located next to the DC Comics booth. This is an example of the foil, but unfortunately it will not be signed;

action comics 1000 jim lee silver foil

Beast Kingdom Superman Action Figures

Man, I need these so badly. Beast Kingdom have not announced just one, but TWO Superman Action Figures. They are both priced at $50.00 each and are both limited to 150 pieces. One features the classic comic colours and the other the black suit that we were promised in Justice league. You can read more about them here, but they are both available from the Beast Kingdom booth which is #2849.

Beast Kingdom Dynamic 8ction Heroes DAH-003SP “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” Superman Comic Color Version

Beast Kingdom Dynamic 8ction Heroes DAH-0013SP “Justice League” Superman Special Color Version:

Superman Smart Phone Card Holder by Icon Heroes

This is a great idea, although I wouldn’t use it for my bank card! But they are perfect for business cards or alike. There are some great designs here, but of course, I have my eyes on the Superman one. These holders are priced at $10.00 each and are available from the Icon Heroes booth at #3345

Icon Heroes Superheroes Card Holder SDCC

Action Comics #1 Hot Wheels Toy by Mattel

This is the holy grail (for me anyway) of SDCC exclusives, it is a thing of pure beauty. What a way to celebrate Superman’s 80th anniversary by recreating the icon first issue. Now these are going to be damn near impossible to get unless you have been selected to receive one through the exclusives portal. Unfortunately it is now too late to apply for one. However, there will be more available at the show, but I’m sure there will be an intimidating queue to go with them. They will be available at the Mattel booth #2945 (if you’re fast enough) for just $20.00.

Mattel hot wheels action comics 1

Superman Anniversary Blazer by Hero Within

Now this is a thing of beauty, and such a subtle tribute to The Man of Steel. SDCC will act as the launch event for it. The blazer will be available at the Hero Within booth #2047, where you may also see me… It is priced at $179.00 but I can assure you, it will be worth the money, the quality and attention to detail is fantastic. There will be limited amounts for sale each day of the con, so get there early to be in with a chance of getting your own!

Hero Within Superman Blazer

Kingdom Come Lego Set by Lego

Now, there is still not a lot of detail or information about this or where you can get it from. But Alex Ross himself tweeted the image of it, so it must be true! Now, Lego exclusives were another one done through the portal, so unfortunately it is too late to participate. With that said, I haven’t seen anyone showing off that they managed to get this exclusive in the draw. But I am confident that it will be there – well, I hope! If you are looking for one of these your best bet is the Lego booth or the Alex Ross booth. You can see more detail about the piece itself here.

Alex Ross Lego Kingdom Come SDCC

XXRAY Superman – Man of Steel Edition by FYE

I absolutely love this. I’m a huge fan of these! The figure stands 8 inches high and features dissected art of our Superman. The art is by Jason Freeny and it is so unique. These are available for pre-order, you can do that here. But it may be worth stopping by the FYE booth to try and get your hands one! They are priced at $129.99 and they are limited to two per customer. Pre-ordered items are dispatched after the event and will arrive mid August.

FYI SDCC Exclusive Superman

I am sure there will be more fantastic Superman items available at SDCC but these are the ones that I am aware of! I wonder how many I can bring home! Know of anything I’ve missed? Let me know!

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