Day 2 at SDCC

The morning of day 2 at SDCC was when I started walking around all of the stalls to see what they had to offer. I had made time for myself to do this because although I had plenty of free time at SDCC, I also had to write the blog and run the social media for Hero Within, who were exhibiting there. That was the deal that allowed me access to the con in the first place, so I couldn’t let them down!

The first booth I went to was Beast Kingdom – it was my goal to get as many Superman exclsuives, as I possibly could. I’ll be sharing what I did manage to pick up from SDCC later this week, so in the meantime I’ll just drop the name of the stands! While I was looking around I did see a stall that were auctioning off and selling rare comic books… I was there for a while as you can guess. They had so, so many rare issues of Action Comics #1, I was almost tempted.

Day 2 for me covering the Hero Within stuff was quite busy, so I had to plan my time accordingly. First up of things I was covering for them, was a panel hosted by their CEO – Tony Kim. It was on how to build your own geek brand, and it offered advice for aspiring writers, bloggers, comic creators, YouTubers etc. It was actually really interesting, and has given me a few ideas of how I can build my own brand even further.

Straight after that, Tony was a panellist for another talk, this time it was on how to start your own geek fashion brand. Although it wasn’t really specific to me, it was quite interesting and offered insight to how these geek brands started up and what their backgrounds were.

After, I had another walk around and picked up a few comics for myself which were $1.00 each! I had to stop myself because of the amount of money I had spent the first day, but for that price, I couldn’t resist. I then headed to the DC booth (again), but this time for another reason… Hero Within were showcasing their Superman Blazer on the booth onstage! It’s not even my brand, but I was so excited for them, what a huge moment! They had a great crowd who were clearly very pleased with what they had to offer!

While I was waiting for that to start, I got a glimpse of Dan Jurgens and had a look at the display cases that they had there. The first thing that caught my eye, was this incredible watch. The pricing wasn’t there (so I’m guessing it’s going to be a LOT…), but the detail was amazing. They also had watches for Harley Quinn, Batman, Wonder Woman, the list goes on.

As soon as that finished, it was my turn to queue… that’s right – for HALL H! The Hero Within team had been taking 2 hour shifts in the queue from 12.30pm that day, so at around 5pm it was my turn! I couldn’t believe how long the line was already! It was insane – but I came prepared. I got myelf a little fishing chair so I had something to perch on. Just remind me to get an umbrella next time cos that heat was something else! I wasn’t alone though, I had two Hero Within buddies with me to help pass the time.

While we were waiting we heard rumours that they would start giving our wristbands at 7.15pm, so we ended up staying until the end. Although you can take it in turns to queue, everyone who wants a wristband has to be there at the time they give them out otherwise you waited for nothing. It was quite a trek to get anywhere nearby, so I just waited it out. We also got some great pictures of us in the Hero Within clothing next to the Marina which turned out great!

The rumours were false… they didn’t give out the wristbands early. But at 9.15pm, they started making their way through the queue, which actually took longer than I thought. I kept checking a Hall H twitter account to get updates as to where they are etc – I learnt that they were called blinky blinks! We had been waiting for around 4 hours at this point, so decided to get Uber Eats to our queuing location! What a great idea that was.  I never thought I would be so happy to see some flashing red lights and volunteers until they got to our area in the queue! I was so happy to have come to comic-con for the first time AND get into Hall H! Not many people get to do that! I got my wristband at around 10.45pm, and I got the “C” section band.

I couldn’t have spent those hours with better people, it’s crazy how much you bond with people after waiting in the queue with them for so many hours.

That was the end of my day, after that I got an Uber back to the Air B&B and went straight to bed. Ready to get up the next morning at 5am… you’ll see why in the next post!


Spider-Man & Mantis – Infinity War

Rufio – Hook

Wonder Woman

The Joker

The Riddler


The Little Mermaid & Ursula

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