My experience at Day 1 at SDCC

Preview night was amazing, but Day 1 at SDCC was even better.  I had managed to get through most of the exhibitors that I wanted to see. Most of them… So I focused on some of the guests that I wanted to see and had a quick walk around.

Unfortunately I wasn’t lucky enough to grab myself a DC Entertainment signing wristband in the lottery, but those who didn’t still had the opportunity to go over and see their favourite artists and creators from DC, so I did just that!

Around this time I also went and had a look in Artists Alley, I had brought a few comics along with me to get signed and I knew just who I wanted to see. First up was the hunt for Marv Wolfman! I had always wanted by issue of The Adventures of Superman #424 signed, and now was my opportunity to do so. We finally found him amongst the crowds and he was very sweet. I couldn’t believe that artists of this scale only charged $5.00 for autographs! Back in the UK it can cost a LOT to get your items signed, so this was a great relief!

Then I was on the lookout for Alex Sinclair, but the time we got there was also the time he was due to sign at the DC booth. So I kept coming back until we could see him there. When I did see him though, I was in awe, I am a huge fan of his and didn’t really know what to say to him other than… “It took me hours to pick the books I wanted you to sign because they are all fantastic”. As he signed the chosen four books, my boyfriend took terrible photos of me getting to meet my favourite colourist. And by the way… the autographs WERE FREE!

After this I had another look around some of the larger booths, and because my boyfriend was with me – I could do the photo ops! As soon as I saw it on Preview Night, I needed the picture! So here is me on the famous cover of Action Comics #1.

There are some great views from the bridge at the side of the convention, you can see pretty much everything from there!

As we went over the bridge, we saw another section of exhibitors and display that I didn’t even know was around! First up, we saw the Krypton shuttle buses – it was great to see a big presence for the series at SDCC, because I loved it!

Then we saw Ghostbusters World, which had a giant Stay Puff’t inflatable!

Then it was time to queue for some DC ice cream! IT came in three different flavours which they were giving out at the show to everyone, free of charge! I’ve seen a lot of hype about these, but unfortunately we don’t have them in the UK… yet!

Of course, I went for the Krypton flavoured ice cream and I’m glad I did. It was yummy! Once you’d picked up your ice cream it was time for a photo in front of your favourite Superhero… you can guess who I picked right?

Then it was time to queue and try to get a wristband for the very popular Her Universe Fashion Show! As we were directed to a seat, we found a goodie bag which was filled with GREAT items! I’ll show these off at a later date, but man – it was good! Basically the show is an opportunity and competition for aspiring designers to create and showcase their own looks, man they were all amazing! The winners that were picked were then given the opportunity to design the next Marvel: The Avengers range with Her Universe and Boxlunch.

During the runway, Ashley Eckstein – the founder of Her Universe interrupted the show to say that they had forgotten one of the models and they were about to fit them in now. Ashley asked the DJ to play some Doctor Who theme music as the hooded model came out onto the runway! The audience, and myself included thought she looked familiar and so did that outfit! As she got to the end of the stage she removed her hood and it was no other than THE THIRTEENTH DOCTOR – Jodie Whittaker!

As you can expect from SDCC, there was some amazing cosplayers at the show.

Reptar from The Rugrats!

Doctor Strange!

Storm from X-Men

Diana Prince and Queen Hippolyta

She-Ra (sorry not sure who the other one was!)

Day 2 experience and highlights coming soon!

4 thoughts on “My experience at Day 1 at SDCC

  1. Sounds like you are having an awesome time! I’m kinda envious, it sounds great. I went to a con in Dallas earlier this year and got Tomasi to sign a copy of Superman volume 1 for me. He was really nice and it only cost $5 also. I can’t really ever see it being possible for me to make it to San Diego for ComicCon though:(. They were supposed to do a preview of the Superman worlds finest box, did you happen to see it? I bought one and can’t wait to see what’s inside it!

  2. Wow! I am so jealous! I used to log on the site every year when tickets became available but was never successful. Now with a toddler and another due in June, I think it will be a while before I make it to SDCC.

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