Hot Topic Tease Flashpoint Superman Funko Pop

Hot Topic has teased a brand new exclusive Flashpoint Superman Funko Pop, along with the Chase exclusive! Now, it hasn’t been long since Funko Pop released its 80th anniversary Superman piece, and now we have another Pop to get excited about!

Each month Hot Topic preview it’s upcoming products and exclusives via Periscope, the video later then gets uploaded to YouTube and is hosted by HT Nerdette. In this months preview, they teased two Superman Funko Pops, which will soon be available from their store. Here is the full video;

Not only do we have a Hot Topic exclusive, but also a Chase exclusive. Superman and comic book fans will rejoice! These Pops aren’t just any Funko Pops, they are FLASHPOINT POPS! And my god, they are amazing!

First up, we have the Hot Topic exclusive which showcases a famous scene and representation of Superman (or should I say Project One)  from Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. The Pop perfectly displays this version of the character with the sunken cheekbones and skinny complexion, not to mention that suit! I apologise for the quality of images – they are taken from the YouTube video!

Superman Hot Topic Funko Pop Flashpoint

For those unfamiliar with the scene, maybe this can be a good reference of how perfect it is!

superman flashpoint project one

But then we also have the Chase exclusive, which in all honesty is essentially the Hot Topic exclusive with laser eyes. In all honesty, it probably took minimal effort to design, but Funko and Hot Topic know that us collectors will just have to have both right?!

Superman Flashpoint FUnko Pop Chase

And for a good reference picture…

superman paradox flashpoint

I love these designs! The accuracy and how close they have kept it to the animated film is fantastic! I’m a big fan of Flashpoint, and I will be sure to own both of these as soon as they are released!

Other than the images of the Flashpoint Superman Funko Pop, there isn’t many clues as to when it hits stores, or where UK folk can pick this up from. But I will be sure to keep you all posted on this, and as soon as I hear more, you will too. For now, I expect each will be around £9.99/£14.99 mark, and I anticipate it will be released either this month or next month – I hope!

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