Royal Canadian Mint Releases 3D Statue Superman Coin

The Royal Canadian Mint have teamed up with DC and Superman artist – Jason Fabok – for an incredible new coin. Not just any coin, but a 3D Superman coin!

It is being released to represent the Canadian talents that have worked on Superman throughout the years, and therefore aided his reign and popularity. One of those talents include Joe Shuster, one half of Superman’s creators, who was born in Toronto.

The coin features Superman breaking out of its surface. The coin itself is silver, but the statuette is gold plated. The coin has been designed by hugely popular DC artist – Jason Fabok, who has also worked on other DC Comics coins for The Royal Canadian Mint. Here is a look at the concept artwork for this incredible coin;

Jason Fabok Superman 3D Canadian Coin
Here is a look at the sculpted version;
Superman Jason Fabok Coin

In an official statement from The Royal Canadian Mint on Medium, the company reveal that there was a big debate on whether or not to feature the famous trunks. They decided to stick with the classic trunks, and I think that is a great touch – especially as this was designed BEFORE the Action #1000 cover! Lucky guess!

Here is a look at the finished product! It is truly spectacular isn’t it?!

superman canadian 3d coin

superman canadian coin 3d

The coin is officially titled Superman: The Last Son of Krypton. Although the coin isn’t yet listed on their website the company have announced that it will cost $100.00. There is no official word on when it will be released, but with the press release out and the final design ready, I don’t think it will to too long a wait! Or I hope not.

This Royal Canadian Mint Superman coin is the perfect item for any Superman or DC Comics collector, and I cannot wait to add it to my collection!

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