Funko Reveals Superman NYCC Exclusives

New York Comic Con – NYCC is just around the corner. And the exhibiting companies have been busy revealing and announcing their upcoming exclusives for the show. Those companies include – Funko.

So far, they have announced a great range of exclusives for the show. But not only have they been busy announcing the NYCC exclusives, they have announced other ranges too – which include a Flashpoint Superman one!

Amongst these exclusives are new Superman ones, Superman & The Flash twin pack,Arthur Curry, Wonder Woman and Batman. It’s safe to say they pretty much have us DC Fans covered! The exclusives will be available at the show, but if you are attending and want to get your hands on them, you MUST enter the Funko lottery by 24th September to gain access.

I would guess that at sometime after the show, perhaps a few weeks, they will go on sale to us unlucky folk who aren’t able to make the show! My guess, is that these are going to be very hard to get your hands on, so be quick!

Here is a closer look at these fantastic new Funkos!

First up Superman Chrome 3 Pack (FYE).

Tell me, what’s better than one Superman? THREE OF THEM! The pose is from the recent Justice League Superman pop, but it has been reinvented with three chrome colours. They are bold, brilliant and I cannot wait to add them to my collection! I must say, I probably would have liked to see the silver as a gold one to go with the Superman colour scheme. Funko Pop Three Pack NYCC Exclusive Superman

The Flash & Superman Racing Funko Pop (GameStop/EB Games)

Ok, I’m surprised they have recreated a post-credit scene into Funko Pops! But I get why they have, its ICONIC! I love this twin pack. Although Justice League had it’s issues, this scene in the film made me squeal. I’ve waited for years to see the two race on the big screen and now we have a Funko Pop of it!

Superman & The Flash NYCC Funko Pop Exclusive

The other DC Comics pops that were announced alongside these, were Arthur Curry, Wonder Woman and a Gold Batman. More details on those can be found here. Although they are incredible too, these sets really have caught my attention, and I’m sure you all know why!

As soon as I know more about which retailers will be stocking these post NYCC, I will let you all know!

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