The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati Presents: Superman

The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati have launched a Superman musical. Superman has inspired millions, through all different eras and generations for 80 years and is still going strong. Still acting as the pinnacle of hope and morality for many, myself included.

In 1966, a Superman musical was released on Broadway, it was called “It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane…It’s Superman. Bob Holiday played the Man of Steel and Patricia Marand played the role of Lois Lane. I personally haven’t seen it, but later it was developed into a TV Series. Based on ratings issued by numerous sites for that… it wasn’t very good. The broadway musical later ended 4 months after it’s first release totaling to 129 performances.

 The Children's Theatre of Cincinnati Superman

After the flop of the Superman musical, some attempted to revive it but failed to do so, until now.

The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati has taken on the Superman musical monster and have reduced the musical to a one-hour slot, which features 11 original songs. What a great way to revive Superman for theatrical audiences and children alike!

The production is by producing Artistic Director, Roderick Justice and is composed by Charles Strouse. The show is mainly aimed for children, but will still be set in the 1960’s. Part of the reason for it’s previous flop was the misogynistic tones and “culturally” insensitive acrobat artists, which the production team have completely removed. The team behind this production have stated in an interview that they “hope to create a piece of theatre that can live on and impact as many children as possible”.

The Children's Theatre of Cincinnati Superman

I personally think this is a great idea! Every child I ask “who is your favourite superhero?” always refers to Spider-Man or Batman. Through their childhood they haven’t really had the opportunity to see Superman in a lighter tone, and the latest adaptions (Man of Steel and Batman V Superman) have been slightly darker – I love those movies, I am not complaining! But for children, it may be harder to watch and relate to. So I think this is a perfect opportunity to light the spark and interest for Superman in younger generations.

Here is the official description by The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati;

SUPERMAN™ is the tale of Superman’s efforts to defeat a vengeful scientist, the new villain Dr. Abner Sedgwick, who seeks to destroy the world’s symbol of good. In this premiere adaptation of the 1966 musical, It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Superman, this TYA-friendly musical will be sure to soar up, up and away into the hearts of all children and the young at heart.

The show will run at The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati from 6th October and will run until 15th October. The show is also targeting schools for field trips, and the production have released a “teacher guide“, which highlights what students can learn about. Another great idea!

Tickets prices for the Superman musical at The Childrens Theatre range from $10.00 and $35.00 depending on seat locations. For more information about the show or to book tickets you can find that here. I really wish I lived near here so I could see it for myself! I wish it all the best!

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