Caped Justice Jewelry Release 40th Anniversary Superman Pins

As Superman fans may already know, 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of Superman: The Movie. It was first released December 1978 and is still described by many as the first official Superhero film, which kick-started the hugely popular genre.

To celebrate this, we have already seen a fair amount of events, tributes and homages to the Man Of Steel. Especially as this year also marks his 80th year in comics! It’s safe to say that Superman fans have been spoiled rotten, and it doesn’t look like it’s about to end just yet…

Caped Justice Jewelry offer a fantastic range of Superhero and Villain enamel pins. They are all unique, well-made and most importantly – GEEKY! There are already several Superman themed pins available, as well as many other DC heroes and even Marvel heroes too. Now they have extended their Superman range with two beautiful homage pins to the original movie, pictured below.

Caped Justice Jewlry Superman 40th Anniversary Pins

I love them, and they look great pictured with the classic Christopher Reeve style costume. Each pin’s Superman resembles Christopher Reeve, from the face, the pose, to the costume and the classic logo style. Their reasoning behind the pins? Caped Justice Jewelry stated via Facebook “These pins were created to pay homage to Superman-The Movie’s director Richard Donner, to the inspiration of its producers, and to Christopher Reeve and the superb supporting actors who gave the movie its heart and soul, made it succeed, and made everyone Believe That A Man Could Fly.” As if we needed a reason?

The artwork of the pins were done by Jon Fendt, and the art direction by Jim Bowers from CapedWonder. The pins are 2 inches by 1.5 inches and both have lobster clasp backings, which ensures the pins won’t be lost easily! Each one also comes featured on a collectors card, which is a great touch!

The pins are avaiable now from their website and are priced (very reasonably might I add) at $9.00 each, which is just under £7.00 to us UK folk. In addition to this international postage is a great price too, which is priced at $8.00.

If you are anything like me, and a little addicted to Superman or enamel pins (unfortunately I am a sucker for both), these are perfect for you!

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